Zelda Delayed Again & May Move to the Revolution?

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Game Informer:

A source tells us that not only will the title not be out until the third or fourth quarter of 2006, but that Nintendo is contemplating moving the game from Gamecube to Revolution

Man....I want this game so much...I have to wait longer....DAMN.

I don't really believe this, but it's prehaps altogether possible that it may be delayed. As for moving to the revolution, I SINCERELY doubt that. Would it not be too much work to do it for a whole new console?
Anyway, it's just rumours.

I don't know, they delayed Eternal Darkness for the N64 so much that they just remade it for the 'cube. maybe they're trying to hype the game up so much that when it releases for the Revolution everyone will want one.

I am even reminded of Final Fantasy 4. Square announced it for the Famicom, even though they didn't really have anything done. Then they just made it for the Super Famicom.

Yeah, but they hadn't done jack sh*t on FF4. They've done a lot for the new Zelda.

Well, the hardware is so similar that moving it to the revolution wouldn't be a HUGE task, other that reworking the controls, which I think would take quite a bit of effort to do properly.

as for the delay, Joystiq has nothing at this point, and they're my #1 source for news. until they report it as fact, as far as I'm concerned it's just a rumour. Although that would make it a full TWO YEARS since I bought my GameCube for the purpose of playing that game...

I find it hard to believe as well. If it does come out on revolution I will be seriously pissed off, as this game is one of the reasons I kept my 'cube for so long.

Yeah, I''l probably do something drastic if it comes out for the Revolution.

Wow thankx Nes-Luke.

Fantastic! I can't wait for this game. It looks good, and not just graphics-wise.

It may be the best looking game on the GCN.....

Yeah, it really looks great.
I hope it won't be delayed any longer.

Well, I've been away for a few days, but I recall reading an article about how Twilight Princess will support the Revolution controller if played on that console. Also, it was mentioned that it will be planned for release to assist the Revolution in sales. The Revolution is planned for November as far as I know, so we may see another delay on TP, depending on what they consider "close to one another"

I do hope it's not delayed even more. This doesn't fill me with confidence. Maybe Nintendo feel that the Revolution's launch titles aren't good enough to support it. Or maybe hope that an established series like Zelda will help sales at launch. Who knows.

Well, to taunt further, I found a half hour long gameplay video:

I don't own a GCN so as long as it's out by the time Revolution is released I'm happy because that's the soonest I'll be able to play it anyway.

Rumored somewhere, there'll be things you can do on this with the revolution Controller, but i dunno.

Thanks for reading... I posted that a few days ago...

holy Crap, and Thankyou, for making me look stupid.

Is there any word on the rumour about it being realeased later? On gameplay, the date is now 25th August, as opposed to April.

I hoped it would be out in Japan in April.

Alas, that's what it says

I also noticed a while back the EB games website listed June as the date

If it is another delay, which is what it looks like, that so completely stinks. I feel like i've been waiting for this game forever. Bah. I may get rid of my 'cube to help towards buying an 360, and just get it with a revolution when I get one.