No Heart Containers

In Zelda

In round two, in the original Zelda game, there's a few rooms in which someone says "Your life or your money." If you choose life, you lose a heart container. I'm pretty sure that there's three rooms like that in the game. Incidently, you start out with three hearts. If you manage to get to all those rooms without getting any extra heart containers, could you possibly end up with zero heart containers? It would be nearly impossible, but still cool.

try it out.... be a pioneer

I'd like too, but unfortunately, I am the strategist in games; I figure out how to do things, but my execution of those things is terrible.

I agree with you, yet what he said as the post before mine , maybe not. yet again I still think you should try it,

and Camp kill you avatar is awesoime.

Use a game genie so you don't take damage, or if you think that will affect the outcome, play on an emulator with savestates. That takes the skill out of the equation ;D

ehh, what the hell, i'll try it!

Go campkill!

This is real interesting. Yeah go campkill!

I hope there really are 3 rooms where this happens, otherwise you might be looking for a long time. I only completed the second quest once and don't remember it much.

i've never beaten the 2nd quest, and i 't played it past the first 4 dungeons

i need some background info on this. i'm not too familiar with the second quest. i need to know where these rooms are. are they in the overworld? are they in dungeons? where are they on the overworld? what dungeons are they in? etc. it'll be hard, but i'll give it a try

I didn't think to try the game genie. I'll let you guys know how it works.

I just took a look at the dungeon maps for the 2nd quest at GameFAQs. This guy appears once in the 4th dungeon and twice in the 7th dungeon so it can be done.

thanks daynum, i'll check it out and try it

Ah man, what a disappointment this turned out to be. The old guy doesn't take a heart container, he actually just wipes your life to zero so you will die on your next hit. Well here's a shot of me with zero life anyway.

wheres the guy though?

He ran away with all my life (I had the last laugh though, seeming as I was using an invincibility code!).

I was sure he took away a heart container. My memory must be more damaged than I thought. But I think I was aware of how damaged my brain was--I guess I just forgot D:

I think I always assumed he took a heart container, seeming as it shows a big heart with -1 under it. I never tried it out though, just paid the 50 bribe.

It's another example of how little sense the old man makes in this game. Why is he saying "-1" when talking about taking all the energy? Crazy old geezer.

well i'm glad i gave up and decided to post here about it. sucks that he doesn't actually take away your heart containers

daynum, how'd you get into dungeon 4?! i couldn't figure out how to get in! i used the overworld map on gamefaqs. i tried bombing and burning where it showed the dungeon but nothing happened, so then i went to dungeon 2 to get the flute, but i couldn't get in the room that had it

You have to push a rock to get into the 4th dungeon, but you need the braclet to do that.

i tried pushing all the rocks but i didn't have the braclet i need to play through the second quest. i still haven't done it. i've finished the first quest atleast 5 times

It looks like there may be more than three of those spots in the game.

Click on the link that says "Hyrule 2nd".... maybe that can help some.

Okay, well thanks you guys. Maybe the -1 means he'll take away one life. I always assumed it to mean he'd take away one heart container, but I didn't bother checking.

I wanted to try that once, but my extreme condition of Suckiness caused me to never find those rooms. I went to Level 6 before destroying the game so I could finally kill all those horrid wizard guys. People are saying that the Retro Release onto the GBA is much easier, what with the whole "Saving" aspect.