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I had to do this. post a thread of the up coming game, that was delay till april of 2006.

There is one that's about it (sort of) it's called "who's looking forward to Zelda II: The Adventure of Linkk5?"
Anyway, it's going to be sweet. Shame about the delay, but hopefully it will make the final game even better.

Well, since the other threads weren't really accurately titled, and are very buried now, I'm cleaning this one up making it the new "Official Twilight Princess thread"

I'll start by posting this speculation/update:

While not confirmed, most retailers seem to be pushing their release dates back further and further on the game... Nintendo has stated that they want to use Twilight Princess to help sell the Revolution, which is currently set for a November launch...

If this is true, it'll be a full 28 months since I bought my GameCube for the purpose of playing this game. I'm incredibly angry that I have to wait, and wait, and wait... my only hope is that they're adding some AMAZING content. becuase it'll be a full year since it was originally supposed to release if it is actually delayed until November.

As March/April get closer, and no new footage surfaces, no specific release date is announced... it looks more and more like another delay is going to announced.

I just wish they'd give us pre-order holders a copy of the demo they had a E3 2005, SOMETHING to hold us over... this is getting to be unbearable.

I wanted to pre-order the Japanese version on amazon Japan, but they don't accept pre-orders on the game yet. Amazon Japan also doesn't have a release date on the game, so I fear it will be delayed again.

Originally I hoped for a release in December 2005, but as it seems Christmas 2006 may be more appropriate.

Welllll, that Best Buy email was fixed, and all was right with the world once more...

until today, that is...

I have one thing to say...

This game had better make OoT look like a total piece of crap.

At what point do they give up on making it a Gamecube game? Seems like the Revolution will beat the game to store shelves.

Aw, man!

Fall 2006? Another 6 months without a new Zelda?
This really should be the best game of all time or some fans will be very angry with Nintendo...

I have mine I can just sit back and relax. I hope they dont delay it though, this will be the first time in a LONG time when I actually got a game when it first came out. I hope they dont delay for 4+ years like StarCraft Ghost. And Nes-Luke, I hope it makes A LINK TO THE PAST look like total crap, because that is my favorite Zelda..this BETTER top it..but I have my doubts. And Luke did you happen to Pre-Order? Because when it comes out its gonna get snatched up like free money.

Sure did. almost 6 months ago.

There is a slight chance that you get a neat pre-order bonus threwn in.

I want to pre-order, but I can't find a Japanese shop that would let me.
I'll just wait until it pops up on amazon Japan.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting tired of all this yes, no, yes, no, yes, no junk...

"it will use the revolution controller"
"no it won't"
"yes it will"

"it's delayed"
"No it's not"
"Aww, just kidding, it's delayed"

That's how I feel regarding the guessing regarding the next-generation consoles. I'm just waiting for this year's E3.

That's probably the best you can do now.
Wait and see.
As long as it comes out for the Gamecube I'm ok with anything they do.
I'm waiting for the best videogame there is. (And they better make it the best there is.)

Looks like there are now two versions of the game. One for the Wii, and one for the GameCube, no longer a single game with dual functionality. This angers me, since my GameCube was now purchased for no reason at all... I'm pretty underwhelmed right now. Good thing I didn't pick up a cheap 'cube for this, when I can now get it for the rev. On a side note, I wish Nintendo would release pricing details fo the rev.

It's really difficult now...
Get a Wii and Zelda or buy it for the Gamecube?

I'm tending a bit to the Gamecube version right now. I'm sure the Wii version will sell so well that it's going to be about 10$ in Japanese stores after a year, then I can still get it.

Well, I guess it was bound to happen for more $$ for nintendo but anyway, I preordered the damn gamecube version and they better not change their mind and go "well we are just going to put it on the Rev instead of both". Or im going to be mighty pissed off. And luke im also sick of them going "it will be delayed , No it wont we are kidding" kind of crap.

There was no official release date for it, so technically it wasn't "delayed".

But I know what you mean and I feel the same. Actually I was looking forward to play that game at last year's Christmas.

Looks like EB didn't get the memo...

Anyone else remember when Iwata said that "no first party games will be over $50" ?

Yeah, well, EBgames is greedy.