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hey i just borrowed it from a friend and its great has anyone played it or does anyone own it. finally u can save wherever u want too
im loving it

I've played the SNES Zelda on the GBA, it was quite good, I have been considering getting the flash cart thing for my GBA so I can play NES ROMs though. wouldn't be as good as the remake of course, since I have Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls for the GBA and it's MUCH better than the original on the NES.

This is oh so true...

About the Zelda for GBA, I wasn't aware that they remade the SNES version for it! How close is it to the original, and have any changes been made to it?

I haven't played it but I understand it was the same as the SNES version apart from slightly different graphics and a bit of new speech. The cart did come with a new four player game called four swords though.

I think the original post was about the NES Zelda, which is likely part of the NES classics bunch of releases.

the SNES Zelda on the GBA however plays exactly like it did on the SNES, it was very enjoyable for the time that I had it.

SNES Zelda is always enjoyable (I played it through for probably 15 times now...).

im talking bout the one ure talking bout its not snes its nes because i remmebe rthe game wa gold a link to the past

A link to the past is the SNES one, and I've never seen a gold cart of it...

maybe you saw a promo cart?

No I don't think we're talking about the same game. I was simply responding to Roths question about Link to the Past. I think the game you're talking about is either Zelda I or II. Both great games. I didn't know you could save anywhere on the GBA versions. Thats pretty useful. I think I'll stick with my NES versions though.

A link to the past is the SNES one, and I've never seen a gold cart of it...

maybe you saw a promo cart?

on the nes theres a gold cart... for some Zelda i remember it well it has 4 pics on it... oh heck let me find it on the web

ok just found it

lol that was fast

that's the original NES Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past was the SNES version... if the game in the picture is the one you're talking about then most of this thread is irrelevant. and it's likely part of the NES classics series...

whatever im obvious;y confused the gba version must be the snes version i just thought that the nes version was the one yall were talking bout.