The story makes no sense

In Zelda

Did you ever notice that the story of the first "The Legend of Zelda" doesn't really make sense? Ganon stole the Triforce of POWer. To prevent him from getting the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda divided it into eight parts and Link must find them.
O.k., let's deal with it:
Zelda hides the Triforce from Ganon by putting it into dungeons that are guarded by Ganons monsters. Link now has to risk his life to take the Triforce back. I mean, Ganon could simply walk into the dungeons and collect the Triforce. Even if the monsters there don't belong to him, but are neutral, he could still easily go since he can turn himself invisible.
How did Zelda actually manage it to hide the Triforce in the final rooms of eight dungeons? Did she do it herself or did she sent people? Or was it something magical like the Triforce parted and teleported into the dungeons by itself?
Impa was told to find a hero who can defeat Ganon. Wouldn't it have been easier if she had sent the Triforce directly to that hero, so that he can go straight to Death Mountain?
And why can't Link enter the ninth dungeon without the Triforce? This man who prevents him, why doesn't he just pass him? (And why dowsn't the man let him pass? Is he good or evil?) Why does he actually need the Triforce of Wisdon to fight Ganon? You can't even use it as a weapon. No, it's the silver arrow that kills him. Just a few hits with the sword and then an arrow. I don't need a Triforce for that.

So, many things that don't make any sense. What do you think?

Good analogy. as for me, its a game, its fun, thats all that matters

Ganon doesn't go into the dungeons because he, like all other evil beings, likes to sit in a locked room all day and wait for people to kill. Therefore, Zelda KNEW he would never get those triforce peices.

Presumably, she hid those triforce peices before Ganon was able to capture her. Which would also be before he was POWrful enough to send out his monsters all over hyrule. So the dungeons would have been empty.

She started at the eighth palace, with all of the items as well, and placed them in an order that would be puzzling to all but the smartest of heroes. Only those with strong minds could put together the triforce of wisdom.

The monsters can't retreive the triforce for Gannon because they only know how to wander back and forth. So they might as well guard it, to keep it away from any heroes.

All of this was to keep the triforce from falling into the wrong hands. Anybody could mug wimpy old impa. But Zelda is too awesome to be stopped. Except by a fully POWered Ganon. Which is why she hid it before.

And, you do need the triforce to fight Ganon. It's what turns him visible/vulnerable in the first place. The old man is therefore good, only letting people with the triforce by so they actually stand a chance. And as we all know, enemeis in those dungeons onl know how to wander around back and forth, not walk though doors. Or else, how are all those other old men in those other dungeons?

Also, Link doesn't just walk by him because it's a game and it's programmed that way. Lighten up

So, it all makes perfect sense.

Another point to consider is that the only item in all the land that can finish off Ganon (the silver arrow) is sitting in a room only a few screens away. I don't know about you, but if I was totally invincible to everything but one item I wouldn't just leave it lying around my house for any old wannabe hero to find. This is an error that all the badguys of the the video game world seem to make.

Ha! That is so true

I never really thought about the story of the original Zelda much. I just knew there was a damsel in distress, and it was up to my thumbs to do the dirty work of rescuing her! That's the great thing about most NES Games... the story doesn't have to make sense in the first place. Certainly you can read between the lines and make your own sense about it, as OSG has so nicely done