wat zelda games do you like?

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my fav Zelda game is THE LEGEND OF Zelda THE FIRST GAME IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!minish cap is very good and ya nes is the best system ever

SUGGESTION: Use punctuation and grammar. words like "wat" don't exist. And there is a Zelda board. Use common sense. My Favourite is Ocarina of Time.

All of them!

I always favored 3D Zeldas (EXCEPT Winder Waker).

All of them are good but A link to the past is my favorite one.

I'd have to agree with OneGenerationTooLate, please try to use the correct spellings and grammer; unless you're an inner city child who speaks ebonics and is in the third grade, it is very unnecessary.

O.O.T. is the only Zelda game so far I commited enough time playing to judge fairly, and I think it is great. When I eventually finish I will either play the Majora's Mask or Windwaker.

i still think Wind waker is in the top 5 Zelda games.


Heh, and both 3d Zelda's are on the N64. What a surprise, Malon

following the Topic's name i would actually say all of them.

I agree. I haven't played any that I don't like. I've played them all but the Cdi ones.

I like them all, except the ones like Wand of Gamelon and the sorts.


2. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (it may have been basically a platformer and really difficult back in the day, but it was good)
3. LOZ: Wind Waker

My favourites are A Link to the Past and Wind Waker. Close behind OoT.

I always liked Link's Awakening best. Call me crazy, but I absolutely loved all of the little touches added in, and how novelly and creatively its oldschool gameplay was implemented. Also, nonstalgia has a ginormously huge part in it.

1. LoZ
2. OoT
3. and i guess LttP

i dont / wouldnt call you crazy becasue thats a very good game.

and for those people who like wind waker, thank you.

either Zelda 1 or 2 probably because they are the only ones i ever have played!