Camp Hyrule

In Zelda

OK, So Nintendo ran an online summer camp about a week ago. I registered and got in. But my computer didn't like all of the java on the website, so I forgot about it...

Skip ahead to today.

I check my email, and see that my "cabin" won first place. and that I need to claim my Camp Hyrule 2005 #1 Cabin T-shirt, my special computer wallpaper, and my forum signature image.

So I should have a nice, limited edition Nintendo t-shirt coming in the mail in a short while

I'll be sure to post photos when I get it.


Dang that's cool. And best of all, you didn't really do anything

Awesome!! Its limited edition stuff like that that is going to be worth money later on. And best of all you dint do anything

Sweet! I'm jealous!
I am now only finding the wonderfulness of the great Zelda. I'm playing that Ocarina of Time right now..... it soooo kicks ass!!!!

Amazing. I guess if I want to find something like that I should google stuff more often... man who organizes this stuff? Cample Hyrule? That's so sweet!

I've moved since then, and as ar as I know, the shirt hasn't arrived at my parents place yet...

I checked "my orders" on the website, and it makes no mention of anything more recent than movies I begged for back in '99.

I might give 'em a call if it doesn't show up within the next week.

Well, today I got an email from Nintendo saying that my order was being prepared. So I went to the website, and what do I see?

FINALLY my T-shirt is being prepared for shipping.

Taken it's time, hasn't it? It's been a couple of months nearly. Anyway, it's on it's way nearly.

And today the nice postman brought me a package from Nintendo

Photos will come when I find the camera.

oh yeah, i got a complete one yesterday at work

Not that spectacular, but it is comfortable.

stumpy? WTF?

I have no idea... maybe that horse was the mascot for the "cabin" and his name was Stumpy...