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Well, today I just beat LttP, and after using my handy-dandy-Firefox-site-search (typed in "Zelda"), I discovered some extra Zelda games released on the BS-X (a sort of Sega Channel thing, read at the site for more info).

BS Zelda 1 is essentially an edited Zelda 1 with updated graphics, much like the Super Mario Bros. make-over in Super Mario All-Stars. The second is A game seeming not to star Link at all but to star either a boy or a girl. It seems to be a Zelda game written with the same engine.
For those out there who want to make their own Zelda game using the LttP engine, there's a little program that does great wonders, Hyrule Magic.

And lastly, here's a thread on another forum where some users posted their own home-made hacks.

I know there's plenty of hard-core gamers here, and I hope I've helped in some way to aide your passion.

that's really interesting, I hadn't heard of any such thing before. Guess I'll have to emulate them though, since I doubt it'd be possible to find the original BS-X with the games downloaded.

That should be nearly impossible to find that... but I don't give up hope.
And there is still emulation, so everything is fine. Need to try that.
Thanks for the links.

I tried bs Zelda and it was kind of glitchy. I cant even fiqure out how to get past the trees blocking your path when you go left of where you get your first sword.

In NES Zelda, a candle will burn some trees.

You're right thought: It's a hack of a satelliview game. The last time i crossed it's path, it was apparently impossible to finish the game.

probably sometimes hacks are just harder