playing super mario bros on my computer

In Super Mario Bros.

i was wanting to know how to play Super Mario Bros. on my computer. what do i need to play it. please help me

First, you would want to go to
and download an emulator, and go to the Emulation Lair, and download an NES one. Then go to
Go to NES, and look to see if there is a Super Mario Bros. NES ROM. Download it.

thanks for the help / but i cant get it to work

Well, did you get the Emultor? If so, then you should save it to your "my documents" Then, I see that Super Mario Bros. isn't at NES ROM-World, so I gave you a link here

Click The HERE button. (by the Download now) Then Extract it to "my docments" or soemthing. Then go to where you saved it, and click on the NES picture, and then play the game. You might want to change the controls. (if so, go to config.)

No prob. Enjoy playing. Also, if you have a computer controller, you can use that.

i was playing it and it slows down sometimes like its going to freeze does urs do this.

Hm...I don't have Super Mario Bros. on my computer since I play it on my NES. The other games I have don't do that. Also, did you change the controls??? If not, it mite have "Alt." as jump or something, and it stops the game eveytime you hit it. That happened to me. If so, just change the controls.

well i downloaded the super nes one not the nes one because it has 5 mario games/ and i downloaded mortal kombat and it doesnt do it

Hmmm...I don't know whats wrong. Maybe its just that one NES ROM. You should go, and try to find another maybe.

its the only one i found that has Super Mario Bros. 1,2,3, lost levels and super mario world

What is your operating system that you use? Also, what emulator did you download? What version number is the emulator?


Go here:

Grab a copy of Snes9x. See if that emulator works out better for you. It's the one I use, and don't have very many problems with it. Hope this helps you!

thanks / whats a good nes or sega one


FCE Ultra





Those are some good ones. I only listed one Genesis emulator, because I feel it's absolutely perfect. I haven't tested all games on it, but what I have has been absolutely great! So the Snes9x worked out for you I take it?

If you're looking for more NES ROMs, here's a topic for you to check out:

And if you need any help with setting things up on your emulators, here's a thread with some decent tips:

Have fun with your games!

can u tell me some names ofsome great games. sorry its been so long since i have played most of these games i can remember whats good

Honestly, if I were to name off a host of great games, I'd be here all night

I'd say get some Mario, Megaman, Castlevania, Metal Gear games...

... some Sonic, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star, etc. etc.

Just browse around. You're bound to run into something you like and/or remember!

i cant get the Genesis one to work

can this damage my computer

Honestly, I've never had an emulator damage any machine of mine (out of the two I've got). That's not to say that it couldn't, though, because I really don't know. I think you should be alright though. I'm not sure why the Genesis emu won't work for you.

Go here:

That's the Gens homepage. They also have forums there that look pretty active. If you can't find what you need to know on the site, I'm sure one of the people on the forums may be able to help you.

If I know what your'e trying to say

every time i start my computer up after i play a snes game i get an error report . what should i do , is it normal. should i stop useing it or what, hope this makes since

What error do you get? Post the error message here and we'll se what we can do.

well for NES try the SITE YOUR ON! N-E-S F-I-L-E-S! did u not get what the name was for? lol. im just messing with you. Umm i like Nester and Nesticle. I use my NES ROMs on my slower computer so i dont get a virus or anything on the new one so i use Nester A LOT. Nesticle has that disturbing icon too. Nester is a little choppy but overall a good emulator. for the SMB ROM just check out the one on this site. It works well for me.