Worst Mario Game!

In Super Mario Bros.

Which Mario Game Is the Worst? Name As Much as u can from any systems. (Preferably all of the ones u know)

i was a little disapointed with smb2 i thought they could of done a lot better with it, they should have made an entierly new game instead of using some other game just to rush it out, it doesn't really have a smb feel to it (to me anyway), cause its not really a mario game
but they could have built on the stuff from smb1

I don't like Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gmecube.

Well, it has mario in it.

i don't really like any of the 3D Marios except the Mario Karts.

Mario Brothers Arcade sucks. You have to be running in the direction you want to jump


yeah i kinda hate that.

You guys are thinking small! Think big!

Mario is Mising
Mario's Time Machine
Mario Party 1-37
Mario (insert sports title besides kart and maybe Golf and Tennis)

mario pingpong, but anyways, i really hated the way you couldn't move around right in Mario Brothers mario party games are not that bad, i do agree the sports games are getting out of hand though.

i think about 10-15% of mario games are not that great. i enjoy mario games a lot though.

There was a mario pingpong???!!!

no, but there should have been. haha i bet it would sell.

EDIT: also i just asked to join your forum.

There will be. Those Nintendo people are psychotic crazy insane maniacs. They were like "Let's give Luigi a vaccum. And Mario a water shooter. That way, we can suck AND blow!"

They just stick Mario in any old game and rake in the dough. It's mildly irritating despite my apathy.

Mario's Time Machine was bad

Marios Time machine Sucked

My work had a complete one, someone bought

I would have to agree, I have downloaded it before, I remember getting as far as too surfing on water, but then I could not figure out what to do by that point

I guess, since the original writer of this said "Mario game," and isn't NES-specific, I'd have to agree with Jenni and say Donkey Kong for Atari. As for the NES, it'd have to be SMB 2. Don't own a 64 yet.

The Lost Levels kinda sucked...just a harder version of SMB1 but basically the same thing

i loved that game.

my least favorite is marios time machine.

Mario's Cards, I think it was called. It was for Mac and came out in like '96. Even when I was seven I thought, "What the hell is this?" as Luigi said "I do not have any koopas, go fish."

I think it was real, though it's possible I dreamed it.

The only mario game I didnt really like was Marios Time machine, the rest were pretty fun.

Nintendo really milks the mario wagon, you know? I mena, sure he's their mascot but people!

Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Baseball, Mario Soccer....pretty soon they'll have Mario doing something REALLY off the wall like "Super Mario: Texas Ranger" or "Super Mario College Advisor". It's ridiculous!

i'd play it!

Personally, I can't wait for "Mario: Accounting" and "Mario Does the Weekly Shopping", as foretold by the prophets Dim, Dan, and J.T.

When Nintendo makes them even those games would be fantastic I guess.

I can imagine a shopping game, where you have to go through big grocery stores and are attacked by magic instant noodle bags...

I think we would be all shocked if we seen these Mario Games at the 2034 E3 show:

Mario's Tax Trouble
Super Mario World 5: Zombie's island
Mario's Rave
Mario's Pizza Shop Sim
Super Mario Rain Cloud
Mario's Fishing Durby
Mario's Duckhunting Spree
Mario's Day Off

Its a Thought.

Mario Goes to the beach....and Mario Doesnt Go the the Beach....
These are like the Ernest Movies...

Everyone know the next one is gonna be MARIO KOMBAT...

You know, as much as I badmouthed the umpteen billion new Mario Sports games... Now that I've acually played them, I to admit that Nintendo did a good job with them.

They took the sport in question, made it smaller, and reduced it to its core elements, and gave the games a quick, fun, arcade-y feel. Which is certainly a far site better than 70% of the umpteen billion sports games for the Genesis.

Joining in!

Now, I don't quite remember . If anyone remembers that game please clue me in on the correct title. If it doesn't exist, then I might have just been coming out of a lemon-induced coma. Also, predictions!

Mario the Don.
Mushroom Kingdom Masacre: The Toad Story
SMB: Mini Mushroom Malady!
Mario Cart III: DUI
Grand Theft Mario
Mario becomes a Contractor
Mario in Hell (Sequal to above)
And some sort of horrible Mario DDR... oh, .

Mario's Missing....?

Yep that's it! See how fuzzy my memory of bad games is? I knew it had something to do with Luigi. I guess you played as him. That's definately what I was talkin' bout.