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I'm not sure why, but everybody seems to not like this game... I think it was a good installment for the mario series. The different characters you could use, and their different abilities gave you the ability to be strategic in your decision of who to be on each level. Is it maybe because it was a different game in Japan? What do you think?

It just doesn't play like any other Mario game. It's very obvious it's a different game with Mario sprites because it just doesn't "feel" right. I would probably like it better if they didn't try to slap a Mario title on it, because it's one of the NES's better platformers, just not one of the better Mario titles.

Of course the whole platform was different but it was a great installment in the series. I enjoyed it alot. It may be a big change from 1 to 2 then 2 to 3 but it all works out

I think what really made me enjoy it the most was that Luigi looked like... Luigi! Poor guy is usually just a recolored sprite of Mario! The different characters are what turned me onto it, and sometimes feel left out in the cold about liking it. Glad to hear you feel the same Notonate!

it's one of my more liked of the series as well, it's just something different with familiar faces. it's a great game all around. The fact that it plays differently is no reason to not like it.

I still like SMB2 very much.
The possibility to switch between 4 characters was a good feature.

What I didn't like was Luigi's jumping style. But I liked the Princess.

I like it too, i think it's one of the best ones, the control is so cool,picking up stuff and throwing it around,the bonus levels with the quick thinking parts.The eggs killing the bosses,funny game,great graphix,mega cool to choose out of 4 characters indeed.

The egg thing is really great.

And I loke the slot machine at the end og the levels.

i dont think they should have named it Super Mario Bros. 2
it seems like a different mario game that shouldnt be named that i dont no how to explain what i mean but its not like 1 and 3 although i myself enjoyed the game

I understand your point.
But they had to bring out something to make money.
Instead of programming a completely new game, using another one was faster and cheaper.
And, as you say, it's a good game, so I don't think it's so bad.
I like "our" SMB2 better than the Japanese SMB2, i.e. the socalled "Lost Levels", which you can find on the Super Mario Collection.

I like SMB2, I a lot as a kid. I remember sometimes I'd go all the way to Wart just to hear the music. It was that good.

You're right. The music's quite good.

yeah the music is pretty cool. I need to play that today lol

SMB2 used to be my favorite of the three for NES. I love being able to be a different character with different POWers. I always get Hooked on those kind of games. Nowadays I like the first one the most. But SMB2 certainly holds a place in my heart.

I think the warps in that game are great. Like when you use princess to fly over that gap to fight fry guy.

The game was good and all but I think ppl hated the fact that it was a bleak and point-less storyline, like there was no storyline invovling Bowser and ppl did not like how it went off track from Bowser to some Dream Killing frog thingy. Thats just my reason, I liked how Luigie could jump really far, I liked the POWer jump too

I don't know.

I think basically what I've noticed is that when I was younger and SMB 2 came out, everybody loved it! I mean, everyone was playing it. It was an awesome game that just got played ALL THE TIME!

Now when people are posting about "what's the worst Mario game," that one seems to pop up everywhere. What I don't get, is that it used to be heralded, and now it seems to have lost it's charm with what looks to be the majority of people out there. Maybe our town was a little stupid or something, but everyone was about it.

When it came out, did you guys like it, or do you remember?


I agree with dwellerofrhymes. When SMB2 was first released we didn't have SMB3. But when SMB3 was released and had a similar style of gameplay to the first SMB it made number 2 stick out like a sore thumb. I love SMB2 but I can kind of see why people who have played the likes of SMB3 or Mario World first would be a bit shocked when they play 2 and may not give it the chance it deserves

I can't remember owning SMB2 as a child, but I did play it a few times at my grandfather's house. Sadly I didn't have many NES Games as a child, in fact, the only one I can remember was SMB/DH, and I played the hell out of it.

But I'm making up for the lack then, and the collection is at 86 carts, with 14 expected in the next week

SMB2 is my favoite, man. It has more of an ADVENTURE style and that's what I like. To tell you the trutth the other two aroud it aren't liked TOO much by me.

I liked smb2. I thought it was a fun game but still not as good as 3 IMO.

Well if you want to play the original game that started this SMB2 american game try the Famicom disk system "Doki Doki Panic" Where you have 2 guys and 2 girls to choose from and a intro too! heh heh In japan are Super Mario Bros. 2 is called "Super Mario USA". I guess the reason why part 2 never came out becasue it was probaly thought it was ridiculoisly diffucult. or maybe poision mushrooms didnt sound good. LOL

Personally it was my favorite of the 3, but thats splitting hairs because I love those three games very much.

The control is so different. No use of jump and stomp, you are allowed to stand on enemies, not any special suits that I know of. It just didn't have the addicting nature of SMB1 and SMB3. Like someone else said, it may have been a decent game if it wasn't trying to be a mario game because it so obviously is not a traditional mario game.

What really happened, was that the Famicom made a game called "Doki Doki Panic", and at the same time, SMB2 was made. SMB2 was originally the name of the "Lost Levels" at "All Stars" for the SNES. They found this game not too challenging, so they changed the name "Doki Doki Panic" to "Super Mario Bros. 2".

I just got into that Lost Levels game on All-Stars recently, and it's not too horribly difficult yet, but I can see how those evil mushrooms would have turned some people off.
I never saw anything too much wrong with SMB 2, it seemed like that was what Nintendo was doing with games at the time in general (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was quite different from Legend Of Zelda, also).
I just find myself relying on Princess Toadstool too often because of the killer floating technique, and Toad on the levels with lots of coins to pull 'em out of the ground fast, and never using Mario!

I loved SMB 2. It was wierd, quirky, and it just seemed to work with Nintendo characters. Not to mention that it was certainly better than the actual Doki Doki Panic!

I need to beat all-stars the whole game. smb2j that is.

I beta all but 2 worlds. it's a fun game.

Personally I think that SMB3 should have been number 2 and that this game should have just been named SMB: (whatever). Not part of the "trilogy" but a stand alone mario title, sort of like Mario is Missing.

I thought SMB 2 was one of the worst Mario Games ever. I like the lost levels so much more.

Well, I snagged the NES ROM of Doki Doki Panick! (That's how it's spelled on the NES ROM name), yesterday, and it's a bad hack--the title screen still says "Super Mario 2," and even though it has the Doki Doki characters, once and awhile during the game play, Mario's, Luigi's, etc., faces will still show up, wearing the Doki character's clothing! Weird.

I think basically what I've noticed is that when I was younger and SMB 2 came out, everybody loved it! I mean, everyone was playing it. It was an awesome game that just got played ALL THE TIME!

Now when people are posting about "what's the worst Mario game," that one seems to pop up everywhere. What I don't get, is that it used to be heralded, and now it seems to have lost it's charm with what looks to be the majority of people out there. Maybe our town was a little stupid or something, but everyone was about it.

Hey, yeah... I think at the time it came out, people had decided that the spirit of the Super Mario series was to have a completely different style of game engine with each new game while still maintaining addictive, jump-intensive play. Then the third game came out, and they went, "So how come they brought all this stuff from the first game back? Was the second game even supposed to be like that?"

i think the majority or people that don't like SMB 2, don't like it because they played the 1st and 3rd games first. back in the NES days i only had 1 and 3, i didn't even know a 2 existed .

Heh, when I played NES, it was usually borrowed from my uncle, and he only had 1 and 2. So 3 was some kind of crazy special game that I could only play at friends' houses for a little while.

This is one of my favorites if the Mario series (with Super Mario World being my most favorite). Like already said, I like the character selection the best.

I kind of prefer Yoshis island or smb2J.

I see what you mean. The first time I saw the thing was in the SNES game Super Mario Allstars or whatever that big collab was called. It had the Lost Levels, and SMBs 1, 2 and 3. I kept playing 2 thinking "What... the... !!!!" and wondering why Mario didn't just look at the vegetable, wonder the same thing, and unload a flurry of fireballs upon all the weird enemies. And no matter how many times I play it over an Emulator, I end up pretty much doing that again.

Nonetheless! I have recently aquired an affinity for this game, beaten it, and discovered this:

In World 1-2, was carrying around a magic potion and then I found a starman. Once I was invincible, I dropped the potion and entered the door. I noticed that in the "flip-world" my character's flashing was a slow and messed up. I exited out the door before my time ran out and when I returned to the normal area, the music from the magic door was still playing. Not my starman music, not the usual SMB2 music, but the music from the flip-world. It played through the whole level. I just thought that was a cool glitch.

Super Mario Bros. 2 minimalist completion - 9:15

I just beat the record by 4 seconds.

congrats....i guess.

my smb2 video is now up!

When Super Mario Bros. 3 came out, I had already played the first two NES Mario games. I remember really enjoying SMB2, so when I tried SMB3, I was actually disappointed because I couldn't pick-up and throw enemies. I was all like "where's the Shyguys?" and stuff. Perhaps it's just a matter of how someone first experiences it. I played it when it was first released, so Super Mario Bros. 2 was a different and very positive experience for me.

What's your opinion on it now vs. SMB3? I personally always thought it was ASS, though it had redeeming qualities. Whenever I play it I usually find myself wishing I was playing #1 or 3.