Unheard Of Mario Game?!!

In Super Mario Bros.

I found this on a Nes Site..

In 1992, the Philips launched a console, much little known by all, called CD-i . This console used CDs, and by incredible that it seems, a game of Mario was developed for the platform. Mario hotel was this game, and was summarized in looking the Toadstool Princess in seven great hotels. It only guesses who hid the princess? Bowser. In Contrast of if it thinks, the responsible one for the development of Mario Hotel was not Nintendo, and yes one softhouse directly on the Philips: the Philips Fantasy Factory. Perhaps therefore the game was not so good, but value for the curiosity.

Has anybody heard of this??

This was down to the deal that Nintendo had with Phillips to produce a CD-ROM add on for the SNES. When the deal fell through Phillips turned it into the CD-i and had the rights to make Mario and Zelda games. They were generally bad, but a piece of Mario/Zelda history none the less.

I've heard of that. I think it was even mentioned one time somewhere in the forums.
Look here:

I don't think it's too rare, because I saw it go away for 3 Euros on ebay the last day.