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I found my old nomad with the POWer pack. What else to I need to do to play it? Does it need batteries or something. I have the Nomad in good condition, the pack for the back and then whenever I try to turn the POWer on, it never goes on. Anyone know what the problem is?

Here's what you do...

put it in a box, and ship it to me

but if you'd rather not do that, try using the POWer adapter from a model 2 Genesis to POWer it up. if that doesn't work, I guess you could dig up 6 AA batteries and sacrifice them, since they last about 12 seconds in the Nomad

if you can't get it working, and decide you don't want it anymore, let me know though

I have a Nomad, and I USED to have all the original packaging as well. Problem is, the packaging was destroyed (along with all my Baseball cards from my childhood) thanks to a leaky roof in the storage shed I was keeping it in. Fortunately the system was NOT in the box at the time. If somebody manufactured a lithium-ion battery for that thing, it'd be a great little system. Picked mine up BARELY used for $30 shortly before Dreamcast came out.