2 Unreleased Neo*Geo Fighting Games (newly discovered!)

In Other Classic Systems

Battle to the death as the "world's most dangerous fighters" don their best animal costumes and duke it out for the right to be the "Champion of the entire freakin' Universe!
Play as Teddy Beargard, Goose Howard, Duck King, Kang Foo Roo, and the rest of all the classic fighters they way they were meant to be seen.
By SNK. For 1 or 2 players.

Everyone's favorite (and as far as I know of, ONLY) fire-breathing Russian gigolo is back and fatter than ever.
If you've played the original 'Karnov's Revenge', you haven't played jack squat yet. This one is ! With over 33,000 finishing moves (including Karnov's patented "face sit") you'll be in fighting game heaven.
Now with new locations, game modes, and the unlockable "Super Character" who has skills second to none!
By Data Eats. For 1 or 2 "players". Yo!


Yes, I know. I literally have nothing to do.

You have made me proud...

You know, I love seeing that picture of Karnov everytime I see it! Yes Z.E.N, you obviously MUST be bored! ha!

Pah. Only 33,000 finishing moves. I'll be done in no time.