What's your favorite classic system, besides the NES?

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Post what system grabbed your heart the most other than our beloved NES.

Hmm, I think I would have to say the SNES, that was a great console as well, they really pushed it near the end of it's run, Stunt Race FX, and Dirt Trax FX are amazing looking. mode 7 rocks.

Mine would have to be the Atari 2600. I used to have so much fun with that dern thing. I might grab the emulator, or break out the console itself soon.

I was never a big atari fan, the graphics were just too terrible. Not that graphics are everything, but the 2600 graphics hindered play as we discussed with E.T.

True about the graphics, but the 2600 was the Nintendo before Nintendo, if that makes any sense. It had a huge following, and overshadowed most of the other systems that were out, or shortly thereafter released.

The Snes of course! I love that system equally to the NES. And if you would consider it, N64 qould be another favorite "classic" System

Yes, I consider it a classic system. I don't believe it's in production anymore, though I may be wrong. I don't know if that would actually be called classic or not. Cars don't become classics for a long time. OK, I'm just being silly, it's a classic!!!

my beef with the n64 was the analog stick, they just wore out too fast... especially if you played a lot...

I liked the Z button-trigger thing on the bottom. Also the set up of the C button. It was four buttons. I only didn't like attaching rumble paks and memory cards in the darn thing. Made it pretty heavy. Other than that, I liked it.

I agree that the trigger was a nice feature, I'm fine with a heavy controller though, I actually prefer the older dual analog controllers of the playstation to the dual shock 2 that ships with the PS2. I didn't like the rumble packs and stuff because they made the controller feel off centred, and unbalanced.

I have to go with Atari 2600 as it was my first introduction to gaming.

I owned a Sega Master System before a NES, so I had fun with all the great games released for it (both of them).


And if N64 is now a "classic system" then the DreamCast should be considered one also since it's dead and gone.

yeah, the DC, and N64 are both up there for fun-ness. DC especially, 'cause you can play loads of emulators and stuff on it.

And NesterDC* helped the DreamCast out A LOT.

(* Near perfect NES emulator.)

I agree, NesterDC was one of the first discs I burned for my DC, and it's currently in my DC. But I still prefer to play on the real NES. The DC is much better than emulation on a PC. But it's not the same.

A controller is definately needed for PC emulation of the NES, or any emulation, for that matter. NesterDC was great, when I could play it. I think I still have a disc floating around here somewhere...

My other favourite classic console is the SNES.
Final Fantasy 4-6
Dragon Quest 5-6
Tales of Phantasia
Seiken Densetsu 1-3 (Secret of Mana)
Mother 2

Some of the greatest RPGs (and adventures) ever made are on the SNES.

Some of the greatest RPGs (and adventures) ever made are on the SNES.

I agree with you on that one, my SNES collection really needs some work. but it's kinda waiting until my NES collection gets up some more first.

ummm i dont no if yall would coutn this but i liked the original gameboy although i remember using the pocket mostly

I'm gonna vote for the Turbo Grafx 16 with the Sega Master System and the Atari 2600 close behind.

You lucky guys in the US.
Turbo Grafx never came out here in Germany.

snes or genesis then this is hard

You lucky guys in the US.
Turbo Grafx never came out here in Germany.

not even the PC Engine? personally I would rather that thing than our TG-16, the damn FCC required shielding, which made it enormous for the North American release.

Not even that. Only SNES and Genesis...
Neo Geo was there, too, but who could afford?

My vote goes to SNES.

Mine is the Sega Genesis. I grew up with a NES, and that. Gotta love Sega.

Well I only own a NES and Game Gear, so for me it has got to be Game Gear.

Id say most definitley the SNES. I remeber being at my grandmas staying up all night playing that thing. It had the best RPGS and the best beat em ups out there.

Streets Of Rage 3 is THE best beat-em-up EVAR I'm not even a big fan of the genre, but I love that game. The graphics, the music, the controls.

Also, I'm changing my favorite from the SNES to the Genesis.

NESLuke, you are doing the good and the bad, it should be both.

Mine would have to be the SNES, the first console I owned. Honourable mention to the megadrive, me and my friend used to play sonic and alex kidd for hours on end on it

I can remember when thos were newer Ijust plain played SonicCD and sonic 2 Constantly. everyday I would beat one of them.

Though I wish with all my heart that I could vote for the Neo Geo Pocket Color (pardon my netspeak, that thing just game boy), but I have to put in a word for the Genesis. I'm a co-op man, my friends and I have always played co-op on all the systems (a feature sadly rare in many modern games), and I've never spent more time palling around on any console more than the Genesis. We just had more fun on its co-ops than the SNES'.

I also have to say the Genisis was a great classic system as well just as you all mentioned. I also loved the games on it too but its so damn hard deciding between the snes and genisis.

3do i love this system ive played star control 2 for ......

Mine would been Commodore 64 but if a Computer does not count then ither Nintendo 64 or Sega Master System.

SNES! I like the genesis,but all i can ever find is crappy sports games for it. DC Rules alot, but I wouldnt consider it 'Classic'.

The C64 counts, if only because it was released as a console as well

It was also designed as a game console, but it was released during the crash, so it made more sense to plop a keyboard on there and call it a home computer. The C64 is a game console from concept to it's death (which some will say is still yet to come).

Really? I thought that Tramiel definately had computers in mind? I suppose it might have been what the actual designers of the hardware had in mind, though it does make you wonder what they were thinking about with that deathly slow tape loader.

Or the disk system for that matter. Have you tried playing Three Stooges without a fastloader?

Tramiel turned it from a game console into a computer.

I had a Genesis back in the early 90's and a Sega Nomad it was a great system played the hell out of sonic the hedgehog

Besides NES I must say Sega Mega Drive.. There were a lot of fun games to it.

SNES, i liked Yoshis island a lot and also super mario world. i really enjoyed the Street Fighter 2010 games too.

If N64 counts, then I guess the Sega Saturn would also count.

It cost alot when it came out, and there were few games available where I live, but damn it was fun to see 3-D graphics in games for the first time (for me anyways)

my second favorite is N64

well...I love my Nes. Its really the only Old school system I play. But my second fav system has to be my GCN. I know I know the GCN is not old..but its one of my favs.

My favourtie Old School Console other than the NES would have to be the Genesis. It had some rockin' shooters, and awesome platformers (mainly Sonic) as well as some cool puzzle games.