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OK, now this system is what I call the 'shooter' system. They seemed to have some of the best shooters around. I highly enjoy, but never have beaten, M.U.S.H.A. . Another really cool game was a screen by screen game called Gain Ground, which I'm having trouble finding now. Both fun games.

I was never really a big Sega fan until the Dreamcast, I was a hardcore Nintendo Fanboy up until the N64, and even for the early days of that I tried and tried to convince Playstation addicts that the N64 was the cool thing, but then my brother got one, and I converted to the dark side for a while... now I want all my classic consoles back. I never had a genesis, but I would certainly like to get one. It would have to have the 6 button controller though, that three button switch thing was terrible.

I love Sega for one reason. Sonic. One of all-time favorite video game series to this day is Sonic the Hedgehog. I loved it back then on the Sega Genesis, and I still love it today on the gamecube.

Yes, Sonic was certainly awesome. I think it was probably the main reason that Sega was able to hold on against the SNES for any amount of time. The Genesis had been out longer than the SNES, but all the games just seems darker in their colors.

Oh YEAH! Skitchin'! I loved that game. Also Might and Magic. Good times.

Streets Of Rage 1 & 2- Two of the finest beat-em-ups out there.
M.U.S.H.A., Thunder Force II, Gaiares- very fun shooters indeed.
And 'Landstalker'- quite simply the greatest game ever made.

All on Genesis.

I used to love Golden Axe and Super Hang-On. It's awesome that they came together in a six-pack release. I also liked a game that I believe was called Subterrania.

One of the really bad games, though, was Castlevania Bloodlines! Horrible!

I haven't spent much time with the Genesis, I hated Sega up until very recently. my girlfriend's sister got one though, so I should be able to steal it in a short time

Ah... the king of free video game stuff!

heh, well, the sister isn't the most pleasant person ever so this isn't assured, but it's likely

Genesis had some good games i spent alot of time playing altered beast, golden axe, toejam & earl, sonic 1 & 2, streets of rage and others i dont remember.

I probably would have liked the Genesis, but where I lived (and still live, a very small place) they didn't sell anything except Nintendo, and now I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan.

one of the big reasons i liked the sega is because of sonic really thats the only reason i never was a huge fan of it myself and i still to this day havenever played a dreamcast lol

Anyone who has a Sega 16-bit or Genesis deserves to get Contra: Hard Corps (Probotector in EU methinks). My favorite of the Contras.

Well, I took a pic of my Genesis collection about two days ago, and forgot to post it. NES-Luke was crackin' the whip over AIM at me (no funny ideas, Manuel )to post the pic, so here it is. It's a decent collection, and I've handed it down to my son:

I heard the Genesis doesn't have a lockout chip so that you can play your games from all over the world on the same console... just the carts have other shapes.
Is that so?

P.S.: As you see... no funny ideas from me. At least I'll not post it here.

my understanding is that it doesn't have a lockout chip, but there are solder pads inside the console that are bridged to select the location and TV standard it uses. in theory it would be rather simple to make a region switch for it. But not as simple as clipping the lockout chip.

I got a Sega Genesis for $15 . I'm a genius!

Ahh man genisis was great. Some of my favorite games on it are all the sonics, Shinobi III Return of the Ninja master and The Revenge of Shinobi.

The former owner gave me Sonic 2, Mickey Mania and The Terminator.

Is mickey Mania cool I used to have a mickey mouse game but I can't remember which one it was and I just plain loved it (its not castle of illusion)

the local game store here has a Sega Genesis system with 2 controllers for $19.99 USD but I've looked over the Genesis games for sale, all they got is one or two Sonic games and the rest are sports games. Im not a fan of sports games or I would buy the Sega. but Im not going to buy it and have Sonic 1 & 2 and no other good games. oh, b.t.w, Sonic rocks. Sonic was Segas answer to Nintendos Mario I personally think.

I liked Sonic about .0001% more than Mario because it was fast and for ppl w/ A.D.D, the faster the better.


I do like ebay I've just never played anything other than Sonic and Mortal Combat 3 on Sega. So even if I went on ebay I wouldnt know what to get. But Im sure one of you guys know!

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gunstar hereos is the funest game for genesis, i wish i didnt sell my copy

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Treasure Hunt and Gunstar Heroes are two of the greatest games ever created.

Forgot Contra Hard Corps.

Gunstar Heroes isn't the best game only on the Genesis, it's the best game EVER.

I grabbed a second copy on Wednesday

Gunstar Heroes isn't the best game only on the Genesis, it's the best game EVER.

I grabbed a second copy on Wednesday

It's all about the co-op. The Genesis kicked ass with that. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I spent playing Gunstar Heroes and DD vs Battletoads with my friends.

Also, God bless Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Well, since was revamped, I finally got around to downloading all my old favorites for the genesis... damn, I'd forgotten how the games were. I'm going on a Sega binge over here. So many games, and I want to play all of them at once...

I can't most underrated games), Lost Vikings, MUSHA...

I can't believe that I'd completely forgotten about Elemental Master. It's not the best shooter, it never was, but it's just such an unbelievably game. The gameplay is twitchy and inventive, the music is excellent (something the Genesis isn't known for), the bosses are fun (if predictable), the enemies are hugely varied, the cinemas are...


...interesting, and it was just so purely .

The Genesis had a lot of misses, but the good games that they had were just so novel and unique, they were just completely different from gaming experiences on other systems. It's something Sega never really got credit for.

Don't forget about Comix Zone that was another great game.

Air Buster is pretty fun game with 2 players

Damn, Comix Zone... I'll need to snag that one, too. I'll need to try Air Buster. As I always say, it's all about the co-op.

Comix Zone rules. I have the PC version that I had on my computer since the days of '95. I still love playing that game to this day. I want to download the NES ROM of it for genesis to see if there is a difference between them. The graphics on the computer one are really nice compared to what I think Genesis is capable of but will the gameplay be the same?

Hey, figure people would like this. A small company is releasing a translated Genesis game in association with the original company that made it, so this isnt some silly NES ROM dump. The game was originally released in 1996, but never came to the US, and now it is available to order.