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Hope I am being known for my historic stories I have been telling

First ever Console War Atari vs Intellivision

Atari I beleive was one of if not the first video game company and system to come out. In 1980, competition arises as Mattel (at the time, the world's largest toy manufacturer) decided to try to take up videogames. Mattel wanting to make videogames + Mattel Elextronics = Inttelivision. It was priced 100$ more then the Atari, when you compared the both by turning it on, you would see why. The Intellivision had nicer graphics, brighter colors, and onscreen characters were a lot more detailed.

Only one thing was wrong, the games tended to be slower and not as fast as they were supposed to be. Luckily, they were able to think of a strategy to hide that weakness by selling major titles like NFL, MLB, and NBA. It worked and within 1980-81, they were able to take a chunk out of Atari's Console Share.

The war carried on too Television media. Mattel placed George Plmpton, an author who wrote books on what it was like to be an athelete. Viewers would see how football and Baseball would look like on Atari and Intellivision. Plimpton said "If you try them both, I think you will find the clear winner to be Intellivision.
Atari being the fighter it was, made a great sports game called "RealSports" where not only was it better then anything it made in the past, it was even better then Intellivision's sports. They had on their commercials Ed "Too Tall" Jones, a proffesional footbal player, and Billy Martin a Baseball team manager. Ed "too tall" Jones even added insult by saying "Who are you gonna listen too, a guy who talks about sports, or a nice guy like me who lives it?" To add more insult to Intellivision, they took an Atari nerd and asked him to play Atari's arcades, then go to tell him to go play the Intellivision arcades. The nerd gets confused when he realizes Intellivision never made any.

Later on, Intellivision paradies Atari's arcade titles commercial by getting the same Atari nerd, Plimpton then hand him over to test Atari's arcade titles again and then gives him some of Intellivision's new arcade titles. The nerd had no choice but to agree on Intellivison.

This feud lasted until 1983 when both companys threw in the towel!

Wasn't Magnavox's Odyssey in 1972 the first console?

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I'm not good at history, too.
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That's a pretty good write-up, dude! A good source to find info like that is at the wikipedia... that place has TONS of different things to look up!

Good job, and pretty funny, too!

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but wait, Atari also had a few battles with Coleco.

again with sports games... but there is an interesting twist in this one.

Atari had just created a new game to compete with Coleco, so they set up both consoles, the Atari running the new game, and the Coleco running some terrible game, obviously the Atari looked better.

the interesting twist? the Coleco was running an Atari game as well! the used the Atari add-on for the Coleco, and just ran one of their previous titles on it

The solution to all onsole wars:


Nintendo should buy an Xbox and PS2,take it apart, and fuse the peices with a GCN

I think if they did that two big companies will sue Nintendo for that...

The solution to all onsole wars:


Nintendo should buy an Xbox and PS2,take it apart, and fuse the peices with a GCN

so then the Cube can get disc read errors and terrible slowdown all the time too? no thanks, leave the Cube as it is


What console hase read errors?? Never heard of that.
... I only own a cube, maybe it's because of that.

the playstation 2 and Xbox are terrible for disc read errors... they tried to prevent piracy, but ended up screwing good honest consumers over in the end by making the drives in both consoles prone to failure, I know about the PS2 first hand, mine and several friends consoles have all experienced it...

I know they could sue and all, I was just joking.

I just realized Nes-Luke is real close to 1k

my PS2 isnt a PS2 anymore. It is more of a more expensive version of the PSX.

It can't play DVDs, and it cant play PS2 games.

well at least i only paid $1 for it

Thats really good history there. I use to go to G4 for that kind of stuff but now that channel is filled with bullcrap that you dont care about and just destroyed tech tv after they merged.