Favorite Tetris Incarnation

In Other Classic Systems

Which version in your opinion was the best Tetris ever?

Mine definitely would have to be Tetris Plus for Sega Saturn. I'm practically addicted.

My favourite would have to be the version for the original Gameboy.

Same here with the gameboy... I'd play it for hours on hours.

I like the NES version (the one not from Tengen) the most. My second is the GB version.

The Arcade Tengen Version...it just brings me back to the days when I would sneek out of my house late @ night when I was about eleven or twelve to some arcade down the street that would stay open until two or three am, would meet up w/a buddy or two and have two player Tetris matches to warm up before we hit games like Ghouls & Ghosts & Final Fight which were state of the art @ the time...