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My vote for favorite old system other than the NES would have to be the Colecovision. Sure, it had big, awkward controllers that looked more like telephones than anything else, but at the time, where else could you get games like Mouse Trap, Venture, Mr. Do!, Pepper II, etc. You still can't get some of these old Exidy games on any other system. I still have my old Colecovision gathering dust in the attic 'cause I'm afraid to wear the switch box & obsolete cranky old controllers out.

I have Mouse Trap for the Intellivision, and I've seen it for the 2600

I'm quite sure Venture was on the 2600 as well. (Atari Age confirms this)

Same can be said for Mr. Do!

and I've never heard of Pepper II.

I'm sure I'm not alone in asking this, but what's with the ":twisted:" in every post?

Thanks for the heads up. Pepper 2 was kind of a Qix type game where you 'zipped' parts of a maze with this little red devil-looking guy. And I'm a bit new to this forum thing in general; I just thought the Twisted Evil looked cool...


Personally, I will always through my allegiance behind anything Neo Geo.

Yes! Pitfall had great playing value for the 2600. I remember liking that one, E.T., & Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

My favourite older system includes a wonderful interlude of acoustic instruments such as the recorder, spanish guitar and sleigh bells.

It's about time someone else besides ZEN and I like E.T. on the 2600.

As for my favorite older system besides NES, I'd have to say it's ... though the SMS is right up there with it.

My second favourite is still the SNES. I play this at least two to three times a week, some times more than I play my other consoles. I also like the N64.

My second favorite will always be the Genesis i remember playing the Hell out of Sonic The Hedgehog everyday after school it was alot of fun and it still is

Besides Nes my 2nd fav is Mega Drive.

Although it isn't that old my vote goes to the N64. There are just so many great multi player games in every category for it.

I have to give it to Turbografx 16....I freakin' was into that thing for a while...especially after gettin' my Pc Engine converter...I was stoked to play NES Games like Lifeforce (Salamander), and Ninja Gaiden on this just seemed like a supped up NES to me...I just wish I could get my hands on a Duo...Gates of Thunder anyone?

YES!!!! Some one can back me up on that one!!!!

1990-2004. You will be missed.

With a cartridge size that dwarfs even a NES cart, and the fact it was designed as a hardcore gamer's machine, It rules my life.

The NEO GEO home system is great but I couldn't afford it then and now its still the same. Does anyone know how much is a fair price for one? I think $200CDN is kind of alot.

I wouldn't know about that ^^, but I d/l Neo Mr Do! for MAME a couple of days ago and must say I'm impressed. If this is a sampling of how most of these games are, I'll be d/l a lot more of them.

You'd be better off getting an MVS conversion, games are cheaper for the MVS boards too.

For the record though, .

Then I reccomend:

NAM 1975
Fatal Fury
Bust a move/Puzzle Bobble
Double Dragon
Metal Slug
SVC Chaos: SNK Vs Capcom
King of Fighters 2003