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My friend that works at a video game store told me that they got a memo saying that a company named Super Fighting Team was putting out a new Genesis game. The idea sounds good enough, but the $40 price tag doesn't make sense to me.

Check out the first Genesis game in 8 years....

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I think it would be cool if this started a trend of companies making games for older consoles.

Actually looks pretty good. But end up costing me $55, I don't know about that. Hopefully somebody can buy it and dump a NES ROM for us to try.

Actually, that seems like it's more of a reproduction:

I can't say that I'm not interested though

As for the price tag, and they're also having a plastic case for it and a 27-page manual. I'm sure that has alot to do with it. This isn't the first game to be released for an old system though. There was a release for the NES (not very many), and another one in the works.

On the subject of new games for old systems, I was discussing the other day with my friend about how we feel Nintendo should get in on the action of the new "off brand" 8-bits and create a new 8-bit of their own. Maybe a redesign of the top loader that will also play Famicom games.

They could release it with a packed in Super Mario Bros. 4.

Knowing now how far 8-bit programming can be pushed, they could probably make a pretty amazing Mario game for it.

Even people that already own the original NES would buy a new Mario game for it, and a lot of people that didn't own the NES would buy a new one just for a new Mario game.

They could even design a new 8-bit Zelda game to push a re-design like that.

Even though other companies can still make NES's a lot of people would buy Nintendo's because of the name brand and the fact that it would probably play ALL games without flaw, unlike some of the off brands.

I think the time is right for Nintendo (or anyone) to make a new 8-Bit game with a known character/franchise.


I'm suprised as to how good it looks. I don't think i'd be prepared to pay a lot for it however. I guess if they sold it cheaper, it would sell more.

just the title SCreen is Beautiful.

Yea theres no way the price should be the same as a Gamecube or PS2 game. Besides that it looks like its very graphically clean and sharp for the Genesis.

think it has to do with Beggars Canyon.?

I might look into it if it comes out in Canada.

I assume it'll only be available online. You're not going to walk into EB and pick up the new Genesis game.

Actually I think it will be in stores. That's why my friend that works in a video game store got a memo about it for the company putting it out.

I will ask him to gank the memo and try to get a scan up.

EDIT - Displaying the game in stores properly could be a problem. Putting it with the used Genesis games would be dumb, but it's not worth it's own dedicated section. I will ask my friend about that as well.


You were right NES-Luke. I e-mailed the company asking if the game would be sold in stores and got this reply......

"Thanks for your interest in Beggar Prince.

> Will Beggar Prince be released in stores (EB, Rhino, Gamestop, etc.)
> or will it only be available through online purchase?

GameStop and EB no longer carry 16-bit software in their chain stores.
In any case, the answer is no. The game will be available for order via
online purchase only unless something else pans out in the future.

If you should have any other questions, please don't hesitate to
inquire. Have a nice day."