Turbo Grafx 16!

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yeah , My brother and I just bought one like year ago and we finally went through all of it and we have really rare games like :Air Zonk , Dead
Moon,Bonks adventure, Bubble Bobble 3(Rainbow Islands). And lots more.
This system is actually quite fun and we got all the stuff for $30 those games up there are going for 30 - 90 bucks. It is great!
I suggest you guystry some of this out It Rocks more than I thought it would.

I recently got my second one, I traded the first one off for lack of good games. Though I've been checking out some NES ROMs and there are some good ones. most of which you have that was an awesome find.

Unfortunately, this is a system that I've never seen with my own eyes (only pics). I'd really like to check it out sometime, it had a hype back in the day, so I remember it well. Just never jammed on one.

i have the turbo express but cant find any games around.

im buying a pal tg16 because i have heard they are very rare.
can anyone clarify this?

you should look into getting the JP one instead. the Nec Core Grafx or Core Grafx II have composit audio/video output instead of the RFU adaptor.

not to mention it looks sooooooo much better

yes , sir the idea is great thanks.

im getting a new, never played, complete PAL tg16, they were only ever released in spain afaik, so itll be an item for my collection, though i am definately going to have to revert it to a complete system, this one is too good not to play.