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I got robbed, kind of.

About half an hour ago, I was walking through the community center Baseball field at night. I had just finished helping out with the school paper, and the school parking lot leads out into the Baseball field, which leads out into the community center parking lot. In retrospect, I should have used the well lit path to the side of the field, but hindsight is twenty twenty.

Midway through the field, I was confronted by a girl and about five guys, one of whom asked if I had a couple of dollars. I informed them that I had a five. They asked if they could have it, and I obliged. They asked if I had any more. I said no, and one of them, who had walked up right beside me very quickly, asked if he could see. I showed him my empty wallet. Someone asked if I had cigarettes. I said no, but offered them gum, which they took, loked at, and dropped to the ground.

About then someone asked what was in my "bookbag", which was, in reality, my laptop case. I wasn't quite sure how to respond. Fortunately, it was then that the girl pushed me and told me to go on, for which I am most grateful.

So, I'm home now, it was a minor incident, and I got out of the situation very well. But, as minor as it was, it was rather frightening, and I discovered that I am not the kind of person to make a stand, since I reacted on instinct. However, I was pleased to note that I was not in danger of panicking at any time. It was ridiculously stupid to walk through something as dark and secluded as a Baseball field.

But, I'm not really happy, because I didn't anything. No divine truth hit me or anything, Ijust keep analyzing the situation over and over again. I'm not angry or scared, but I feel pretty damn wierd right now, and I just want to talk about it a little. Probably good for me anyway.

I'm just like you when it comes to being "Confronted" I just get all embarrased and end up getting emotionally own3d at the end of the activity. Atleast they didn't yank your laptop, that really would have sucked. Sorry, not much coming out right now, just got up

It wasn't like I was embarrassed, angry, or . I kind of got icy calm (which is not a 'cool' feeling, since I was scared sh*tless),and just acted... friendly. I thought out a few possibilities, but I pretty much acted instinctively.

It worked, but it would be nice if I were the type of person who was able stand his ground. And I stress the word . Someone who acts on pure testosterone and gets the sh*t kicked out of him is a moron.

Just not that type of person.

Lucky she was with them. Too bad it happened in the first place. Typically, I deal with those situations with comedy. But in a situation where something of actual value would be taken, I'd just say, 'ef off' and try to walk away.

Actually, now that I think about it, women seem to be able to calm down men better than men can. Let me explain.

I was in Montreal for new years. Me and a group of my friends were walking back from a bar, and my friend had weed. (dun dun dun)
Anyway, he held it out as we were walking down the street, just to check it out. Someone ran by and took it, and my friend (all filled with liquor) chased the snatcher down.

Obviously, I followed my friend down the alley after the thief. Not so much for the drugs as for the friend. Anyway, my friend yelled at the fellow for a few moments, before the snatcher pulled out a knife.


My friend is pretty single minded. He went on about the marijuana. I tried to pull him away. Nothing was working. His girlfriend saw us go into the alley from behind and called for him after she caught up. She told him to forget about the drugs.

He left with me, and as we went back to the hotel, we both explained to him why the drugs weren’t worth it.

I’m convinced that if his girlfriend didn’t call for him, he would have been stabbed. I probably would have been stabbed too, because I imagine I would have tried to step in.

What am I getting at? I don’t know. Maybe the fact that you aren’t alone is the key.

Definetly not alone, that's for sure. I can tell you about a little episode that went on last halloween...

Me and a friend were "trick or treating" for his little sister, if I remember it right she was dressed like a pumpkin...Anyway we stopped at his house and dropped his sister of when we were done.

Later we decided to go out and visit someone, we were bored to death. When we had reached a certain neighbourhood (which I am not very fond of) we saw a couple of kids walking towards us far down the street we were walking. When they started to approach us, I began to understand that these weren't kids, it was probably full-grown men. I wasn't quite sure, since they had masks on.

It was three of them, two of them started to hold my friend while the other one just went closer and closer to me.

I was terrified, was totally unable to move. I train karate, but now I was not able to "perform" any moves what so ever. Then I just came to life, but still unable to think of anything I could do. This was all happening by the one minute, it seemed.

Suddenly I began to think of "the primary target," meaning the nuts. So I kicked him there, where he slowly began to fall down on his knees and yelling to his friends or whatever. They let go of my pal, and we started to run as hell. I never went out on halloween after that night, not in that neighbourhood anyway...

Your not alone when it comes to taking a stand. I find it very hard to stand up for myself. I'm basically a human doormat.

I am so much a doormat I actually was dumb enough to let someone beat the shit out of me 4 days a week for six months straight.

When I ended up losing my child, then I stood up for myself and kicked the living crap out of him. If I wasn't so majorly pissed off I know I never could have done it and he probably would have killed me for trying.

You have to pick your battles. Who knows, they could have had a weapon on them you couldn't see. You could have had your laptop jacked and you are left laying there in a bloody mess.

You just have to be very cafeful in this world, there are tons of illhearted people out there who want to rob you or hurt you.

You were up against 6 people. Why would you even look back and be disappointed you didn't take a stand? Action movies aren't real. Random people don't find out they are actually pros at kung-fu and beat up 20 people when they find themselves in a sticky situation.

You got out of the situation your laptop. I would consider that a major success.

I had something like that once happen to me but i was the bad guy. This Kid at the supermarket was trying to take my Basket and i yelled at the kid get the hell away from my basket so the kid ran off but later the kid came back with his father and the father told me what did you say to my son? I looked at the father for like 2 seconds and then i punched him right in the mouth.

I hear ya man. This world is a bad place you gotta be careful. About 9 years or so ago when I was around 12, me and my buds went trick or treating, and these 3 dudes were ahead of us and one of my buds took the safe corner to his house and didnt even warn me and my other friend, Sure enough out of no where they pushed us down snatched our bags and ran off like the wind. Havent been trick or treating sense. But we called a cop that night to investigate..I think I probably knew them but I dont think the cop ever found out who did it.

and that's why i carry a knife with me everywhere i go, except school, which is where you were at, so that wouldn't of helped. but anways, go down to Wal-Mart, in the sporting goods section. i got a nice Winchester knife for $8. it's got a 3" blade that'll tear some fools up. the cheap knives are on an aisle, not in the big case, those ones are all $35+

I sometimes carry some Brass Knuckles that i once bought at a Flea Market i know it is illegal to have them and i have not had a chance to try them out.

Dude, you are bad. I've never had any beef, but i've aways got me wits about me.

I never really had that problem... I was pretty big in high school so nobody ever picked on me this one guy . He was two years above me. One day I got fed up with it and just stood up to him.

It went better to do than worry about what i'm wearing or what i'm doing?? Damn, just get a life and leave me the f$ck alone!! It was a lot longer than that but you get the idea....

Keep in mind I was a Sophmore and he was a Senior who was twice my size in height and weight .

After that I walked away and he/noone else ever bothered me again Seriously

And Uber Newb..... Dude you got away with your Laptop!!!! . I would have to agree with DNA that the situation went rather well opposed to what could have happened. I know it sucks though, you feel all wierd and your stomach is upset and all you want is to do it all over again.

Hey uber, is that what you and andy were talking about?

YES! I do the same damned thing, I got robbed at--where else? An arcade when I was like 12, and my wife had an ex stalk her for awhile, and I work out, so this kind of crap will no longer be "tolerated," but in general I'm pretty passive.