I need cigars....

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YAY! Its a boy!!!!!! I just found out this morning! (my girlfriend is pregnant, in case you are confused )

The little hand thing is pointing to his... uhhh ..... thingy

And a better one of him:

You know what?? My son just exposed himself to the entire net.... What a stud

Whoa. Kiss sleeping through the night goodbye, man :P
I don't know if my usual 'nice work' in reference to birth is appropriate here, since it's not really work--more like fun. The only hard part is the actual squeezing out. So, uh...

Give the mother my regards. Nice (eventual) work :)
And, nice fun ;D

Congrats on that.
I wonder how quickly the baby will be addicted to videogames.

But smoke the cigars in absence of the mother and baby.

Definitely congrats man! I'm sure you'll have tons of fun with him... it's something everyone should experience. Kids are a blast, and even more so when they start gaming with you

Cool news logan. Get him started on the NES when hes born

Good news. If your baby has a baptism gave him a Nes or something.


Have any names picked out yet? I hear the name, Karnov, is making a comeback.

Let's just hope the baby doesn't look like Karnov, that would be worrying for you.
Anyway, congratulations, that's great news.

If you look closely at that second one I could swear he is holding a NES controller...

Congrats man.

Congrats on that!

Logan.. wil you do it?!

Thanks everyone!! We are extremely happy about it and cannot wait to become parents .

I don't think I would be able to pull off naming it Karnov (even though he would have the coolest name in school )

As far as the videogames go.......... Ohh yeah, I got that one covered

Nice to see you back Jenni, wasn't the same without ya!


Congrats dude, and good luck

by the way, the second picture won't load

Thanks again!!!!

I noticed that earlier and I thought it was just my computer..... hmm anyway its fixed, I reloaded it.

Congratulations man!! At first I thought that this thread was about you wanting to import cigars or something

Same here, same here. Just go to the Cuban embassay if you want Cigars, worked for Kramer.

How about Karnov as a middle name?

Nah, make it Jinborov.

What if someone died or something.

Johnny the first born son is always Johnny.

Thats just WRONG!

Ok, its official. I am now a father .

He was born 10:40pm CST 6/26/06, 8 pounds 3 ounces, and 21 1/2 inches tall. I would post a pic or two but I am still staying at the hospital for a few days.

You could always link to the hospital page for teh bebe.

Nice name by the way.

**Smokes cigar for you**
Do you have a portable game system at the hospital?

Yeah I was gonna but that computer at the hospital sucked major elephant poop. Not to mention I hardly found the time to post here. But I am at home now so here you go:

What kind of father do you think I am?

Yeah ok you got me.. I got my DSlite with me

congrats dude.

it's a boy

Congrats n stuf rite..

Congrats dude he is so cute! Make sure you let him start playing games. He can be a member of this forum some day.

Congrats from me, too.
Nice work.

Thanks for the kind words everyone . We are finally home for good (YAY!).

Nice pic OGTL!

Whoa. Logan 2: son of Logan. I'd watch it.
Nice looking baby, sir. Congratulations.

Thanks OSG. Here is a place I found to upload some .

Congrats! (I know I'm late).

I just love when babies curl their hands around your finger... (It never gets old for me). He is just too cute!

Congrats! (I know I'm late).

I just love when babies curl their hands around your finger... (It never gets old for me).

Yeah I love when he does that! We have been enjoying him soooo much. He keeps up all night long but, its worth it