What's your favorite funny cartoon?

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OK, try to just mention one...I'll start first. I'll say "The Simpsons".

The Simpsons is the best animated t.v. show ever.

Family Guy.... Home Movies.... Family Guy.... Home Movies

i don't know? both shows are pretty damn sweet. and i can't wait for Brenden Small's new show, to come out. i forgot the name already , but it comes out on Adult Swim in August

I go with the Simpsons, too. (BTW, the Simpsons are running in the background right now. )
Close behinf: Futurama.
I also liked the Flintstones or Pink Panther. Always fun to watch.

He, he, what does that mean?

I have the Simpsons running on my DVD player right now.
I listen to the Simpsons while hanging around on the forums.

Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, and especially Venture Bros.

Not to mention the Pink Panther cartoons... classic.

Come one you guys need to watch More Hanna Barbara
Scooby Doo
Johnny Quest
and yes these are Funny
Invader Zim
Angry Beavers.

I think many people who like science fiction would agree with me that Futurama is the best animated series ever. It does such a fantastic job of parodying the genre. It's especially great for people with engineering/computer science experience or knowledge, since it allows one to understand all the subtle technical jokes throughout the series.

I also love Animaniacs.

Yes, Futurama is great, I can't believe it got cancelled.
However, the simpsons is my favourite, mainly for Mr. Burns. There's another cartoon called Monkey Dust that's so so funny.


F South Park, right in the A!!!! if you want something funny by Trey Parker and Matt Stone get Cannibal! The Musical, Orgasmo, Baseketball, and/or Team America.

F South Park, right in the A!!!! if you want something funny by Trey Parker and Matt Stone get Cannibal! The Musical, Orgasmo, Baseketball, and/or Team America.
Come on think of all the real life events that South Park has twisted around to make Fcking Hilarious!! Or how about South Park the movie? You cant tell me you hate that!

i don't know what it is about South Park that i don't like. that show is funny, but it just annoys me. i think it has something to do with the animation, and how everyone is overly obsessed with it. when i was in middle school it's ALL anyone talked about . i don't know, i don't ever go out of my way to watch it

When you were in middle school, all your friends thought the show was so awesome because the kids swore like pirates and there is a lot of toilet humour in there.

When you get slightly older and notice the real substance, you realise it's actually a great show. And the swearing/toilet humour is still funny too.

Step 1: Collect underpants.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit!

"Hey! What's Step Number Two?"

"Step One: Collect underpants. Step Two. Step Three: Profit."

"Yeah, but what's Step Two?

As a child, one show that I absolutely was Pinky and the Brain. Even as a child, I loved odd humor, though I hadn't experienced much of it. To a young me, Pinky and the Brain personified bizarre humor.

To this day, I retain great fondness for it. That, and free T-shirts.

The Critic.

It will have to be the simpsons for me.

For funny shows, Futurama. Or Spongebob. There, I said it. You can all admit it now :D
Samurai Pizza Cats and Ren & Stimpy (old ones) are up there, too.

And, yeah, the Critic was pretty funny, even though it only lasted like 6 episodes. Same problem with Clerks.

I'm a pretty big fan of animation, though, so I'd pretty much watch any cartoon.

edit: How could I forget Duckman?

Beavis and Butthead or Ren and Stimpy


thats why i dont like many things.


I also couldn't get into South Park. I don't know why, but I just don't like it. Maybe it's just too plain in its use of profane language.

the critic actually lasted a bit longer than six episodes, (23 episodes over 2 seasons). but it sure didn't feel like it had that many.

The Simpsons. Easily.

Yeah, Beavis and Butt-Head is pretty sweet too. Have you seen Do America? About South Park...How did they come up with the idea that all the Canadian characters have these weird mouths, especially when they talk? Just like they've cutted the two halfs of the head and moving it from side to side when they talk...

Where did they come up with the idea for the Seaworld episode where they launched the whale to the moon? Where did they get the idea to have a Christmas special starring Charles Manson? They just . They're crazy.

He, he, I see your point.

Ever seen that Clerks Cartoon,

This was the ground breaker as far as cartoons pushing the limits of questionable taste. It resulted in some of the funniest moments of mainstream animated TV.
I absolutely HATE the newer episodes. Gross-out humor and violence alone doesn't cut it. The originals had charm.

Loud, obnoxious, and very angry. The title character is the embodiment of how I feel inside sometimes (which actually reflects my current phase). DuckMan's immorality is perhaps his best feature.

The best part of this show has always been the biting satire. I appreciate the obscure humor as well. The profanity and adult content is frowned upon, but gives the show a better chance at poking fun at mature themes. It results in a winner.

Equalling "South Park" in the satire department. It parodied commercialism in the best way I've seen yet in cartoon form. Although we laugh at the woes of it's sympathetic main character, the show somehow makes us feel right at home doing so.

The title characters are pretty much just a one-joke tandum, but somehow it never got old. It was always interesting to see how much dumber they could get and it always seemed to deliver.

Funny in an "intelligent" way. Making fun of stereotypes never had it so good. You'll appreciate the humor and feel a sense of pride if you're smart enough to "get it".
This show is the polar opposite of "Beavis and Butt-head" (which is odd considering that "Daria" is actually a spin-off from it).

Short-lived but memorable take on college life. Rivaled "Beavis and Butt-head" in the category. There's just something undeniably hilarious about people who are "completely ignorant to how ignorant they are". This show mastered that fine art.

Saturday morning CBS cartoon from my childhood. Although most of the subject matter was suitable for its intended audience, they would sneak in a good grown-up joke every once in awhile. I used to record these episodes on VHS and I still have those tapes even today.

Best super-hero animated show in history... ever!

Second best super-hero animated show (only to "The Tick").
An animated talk show? Somehow it worked.
And somehow, it was very funny.

I just now got into this one. It's averaging about 1 big laugh per minute. I approve.

I haven't seen much "Futurama". I like about 3 episodes of "Spongbob Squarepants" and for some reason "The Simsons" has always been hit-and-miss for me.

Great list Zen. I agree with almost every comment you make. It's nice to see someone list Garfield and Friends. The DVDs are worth picking up for the U.S. Acres bits alone.

I do think Batman: The Animated series is a better super hero cartoon than the Tick, but since this is a "funny cartoon" thread, the Tick obviously wins there so the debate will have to wait for another day.

Now if we could just get DuckMan on DVD.

I forgot about Tick, good call.

Simpsons..... Homer RULES!!!! "Cooobras"

I am a sucker for about any cartoon. Mostly super hero's / villan's and science fiction cartoons.

Teen Titans, ..... Yeah I said it CAPTAIN PLANET, Static Shock??, Shirlock Holmes in the 21st Century, and other "saturday morning" cartoons.

The Simpsons for me.

I also like those 5 minutes cartoons.

Family Guy
The Simpsons (okay so everything past 1998 sucks but the first nine years are genius)
Drawn Together
The Critic
CLONE HIGH (even though it only lasted 13 episodes it was genius)

South Park
Drawn Together
Samurai Pizza Cats
The Tick
Ren and Stimpy
Home Movies
Angry Beavers

okay I think I have more then enough....yeah...

Now if we could just get DuckMan on DVD.

As well as Earthworm Jim, Godwilling.

Now if we could just get DuckMan on DVD.

As well as Earthworm Jim, Godwilling.

Thank you for reminding me about that cartoon. I... love you.

Most people do... but the others just want to kill me.

I like most Hanna Barbara cartoons (I really really like Captain Caveman and Space Ghost).

I also like:

Tiny Toons
Family Guy
Old Disney Cartoons (The last good one being The Lion King)
Muppet Babies
Garfield and Friends (I liked Wade Duck)
South Park

Theres more but I'm not heavy on the thinking right now.

I just remembered Dilbert! I used to always watch that, and now they even show episodes on Comedy Central in the morning.