The PSP thread.

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Since I am getting a PSP in the mail I thought it would be a good idea to start a PSP thread here on the files. Talk about what games and what movies you like to watch on it. And talk about Homebrew and the latest Firmware and such.

How much did you pay for it?

I didn't pay anything for it. I am traded 6 DS games. The person was like there is something wrong with the PSP. I looked into the troubles he has had so I looked into it and I need to buy a new battery pack. Either way a good deal on my part. The PSP has:

-Memory card( 32 MB very small..Lol)
-And Tony Hawks.

There is this Pawn shop near me that sells PSP memory cards for $5.00 each.

Let's see...

Homebrew... pain in the ass, and requires firmware hacking, which is risky to say the least. You would have been better off with a GP2X.

Movies... Well, the vast majority of studios have given up on UMD, so the selection is pretty much crap.

Games? There are games for the PSP? Oh right, Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, and... uhh... Lumines?

I hope you mean you just traded 6 games, not 6 games and the DS...

Also, "PSP memroy cards" are just Sony Memory Sticks (Pro, Duo, whatever) for $5 you're not getting more than a 32MB stick, which is quite useless.

I traded 6 DS games. I didn't trade the DS. I am sure to pick up Megaman X PSP. But I am hope the frimwire is 1.5. I really want to play SMRPG on the go. And I may buy a few UMD's. A couple of Pawn shops by me have them one of them is selling them for $7 each and one is selling for $10 each.

I never owned a PSP but my friend did, and once he bought a 1 GB memory stick and downgraded the firmware he could run UMD games and movies that he downloaded off of the memory stick. So in theory there really is no need to buy the actual UMD's when you can dl them for nothing... Also I'm pretty sure the NES emulation was great, somewhere in the 90% range.

There is only one major thing I hate the price of the games and UMD's but all in all I will really enjoy this handheld hopefully more then N-GAGEQD.

Your friends seems easy to rip-off.
Good for you.
PSP for 6 DS games doesn't sound too bad.

I'd also want one for emulation, but the price is still too high just for that.

Snag the Medievil game. So what if it's nothing new? It's Medievil!