Gameboy RPGs

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I was thinking the other day, and I realized that, other than the Dragon Warrior, and Zelda games, I can't think of any Gameboy rpgs at the moment.

It's bugging the hell out of me. There was Crystalis, but what else?

choose your system of choice, specify a genre, enjoy.

There are about 5 Gameboy based harvest moon titles!

I believe there were some Final Fantasy and Ultima games on the GameBoy. There was also a Shadowgate point-and-click style game where you're a cat... the name of it eludes me right now.

deffinatly go wrong with Pokemon....

Try Final Fantasy Adventure. It's very similar to Links Awakening, not turn based like most FF games.

I liked legend of the river king.

Thank you all for your help, it was bugging the hell out of me... and I found a GBC rpg all by myself, too.

Warriors (not 'heroes') of Might and Magic was an rpg... though I can''t even figure out how to progress in it at all.