Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

In Handhelds

New trailer for the upcoming DS Zelda. Seems pretty good to me, looks to have a real LttP feel to it.

Yeah, I saw the trailer, and it does look cool. One of the coolest things I saw on there was the fact that you can make marks on the map... that could come in super handy for finding your way around places. Drawing the boomerangs path was a nice concept added in also. There's only one thing I don't know about... I'm still really skeptical about the way Link looks.

I'm skeptical about the whole Wind Waker thing it has going on... Wind Waker is terrible. and not because of the art style, it has some of the best animations, and well exectued cell-shading to date. It just gets so boring so fast...

I think it'll be cool. I think the graphics are cool, even though they're not to everyones taste. Hopefully, they'll also include more touch screen features in the eventual release.

I loved Wind Waker and wasn't bored for one single second.
How can it become boring? You have to sail a lot, but you when you learn the right tune, you can go about everywhere you want in a matter of minutes. You don't have to sail from one end of the world to the other.
But I understand hat everybody can have his opinion and gamers like different things. I myself e.g. don't like Resident Evil 4 as much as everybody else seems to.

As for the Phantom Hourglass, I'm definitely looking forward to that. Not as much as I'm eagerly waiting for Twilight Princess, though...

No. No, no, no. Wrong. No more Wind Waker. Wind Waker Bad. Bad!

I was so hoping that old-school 2D Legend of Zeldas would continue on Nintendos handhelds... oh, wait, I forgot, "The DS isn't a replacement of the GBA".

I think it looks cool,
but I've been fooled before! (big surprise)

I like the whole writing on the map feature, but I don't know how great my penmenship would look on such on small screen.

Looks decent I suppose, even though ive beaten WindWaker twice...Its just a good but not really awesome Zelda game. Also looks like there will be sailing in it as well...not a big fan of that, But im really looking for the new GC Zelda to come out thats for sure.

The DS is getting better and better.

Jeez Louise, Reptile, where have you been?

Very busy starting up businesses and having surgery.

Yeouch. Well, good to see you back.

Yeah, I am just happy to be back.

So what's been up with you?

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Good point.


Ok, what do we talk aobut next?


Ok, what do we talk aobut next?

*Looks up at the title of this thread*

How about Phantom Hourglass?

Nah, that wouldn't be any fun at all.

From GI

GI: Will you be able to battle over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection?

Aonuma: Yes.

that is all.

I played the game and must say it's REALLY WELL DONE.
At first I was startled that the controls were stylus only (you can't use the D pad for moving Link, only for changing screens and going into the menu), but the controls are very good. After some minutes I didn't miss the D pad controls any more, which first was unthinkable for me.
Graphics are good, too. Link is again so cute with his big eyes. So people who hate cute characters should probably not play it.
Riddles are easy in the beginning and you even have to think a bit in the first boss fight (how to defeat it?).

All in all I highly recommend the game to all of you when the English version is out.

Not only that, the intro looks amazing:

The intro is funny and drawn really nicely.
You should try to watch it on youtube or somewhere.

It may be a long time till October, but believe me, it's worth the wait.

ive got an M3 simply....and ive got the Japanese NES ROM....

still havent played it.

Believe me, you should better not play it in Japanese, because it can get very unclear for you what to do. You might try out the game for a few minutes though and have a look at the new controls.

it is hard....in japanese....i havent died yet though.

i was confused on like the first puzzle with the sign
apparently you're supposed to draw a 7....i was stuck....and i put a dot on it and lifted up...for some reason it thought it was a seven i guess..

i am done with the 1st dungeon now....and my brother took it to colorado so he could play it he will be back in a few days.

Yes, you should draw a 7. That's the number of trees in the southwestern part of the island.

....as i dont know that language....i had no idea...

oh yeah.....its amazing....the controls are better than what people have said on some other forums.

i think they're crazy...controls are fine.

Surprisingly I'm also fine with the controls. They are very intuitive and responsive.
Great game all in all. Another masterpiece from Nintendo.

beat 2nd dungeon today.

am I right in thinking that the controls are exclusively touch screen? I'm certainly looking forward to this game, towards the end of the year there are three games I want coming out (this, gta and project gotham 4) so I guess its going to be expensive for me and i'll need a DS too, but a new Zelda game warrants buying one ah

That's right. You only need the stylus to control.
Well,... you be used to switch to the secondary weapon/item (you can do that by tapping on the icon, too).

now at ice dungeon...

i think thats the 6th dungeon....

You went that far without knowing Japanese?
You sure have my respect for that.

beat that dungeon....and now got the 4th map piece.

, is a good replacement for a million...........fucking........... ........'s

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yeah and do you think i fucking care?


just beat the Sand temple.

took me like an hour to find out the puzzle to open the door before it.

yeah and do you think i fucking care?


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Nesmaster, we knew this was coming. Don't pay attention to him. I'm not sure if he's fully aware about just what the hell he's talking about.

Thanks Aaron and NES-RULE.

I must insist that all members here watch their wording a bit, or the ban hammer has to strike again.

yeah and do you think i fucking care?


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I agree 100% with Nesmaster on the whole ..... thing. I used to do it some, but have tried to stop completely. It seriously does make you look like a moron. I realized it, and fixed it, you can too.

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I was gonna do a nice little quote by quote teardown of Suber Metroid's last post, but then I realized he's not even worth the couple minutes it takes to do all that.

Although, I feel I do need to comment on this one.

Actually, I think it speaks for itself

Even if it's the internet. We're a small community here and communities are based on respect for the others.
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So, that Phantom hourglass, good game eh? Played a bit of it earlier on a friends DS via a flashcard (or whatever it's called) and it was fun even though I couldn't understand any text. I'll pick this up fo sho

I also tried it on my Flash Card. It's pretty good. I'm looking forward to the North American release.

Luke, that pic is awesome.

Now let's get back on topic, like David tried.

I also played it on a flash card, but I wanted the real thing, so I ordered it and I hope to get it next week.
This is also why I stopped playing for now and erased it from the flash card. I need the REAL thing.

I beat it this morning.

great game.