In Handhelds

I know this game is old (but this is the NES files after all ) but this game was great. It was a fairly simple idea, executed well, and was terribly addictive. I spent ages training my squad up to level 100 and trying to "catch 'em all" I also spent ages trying out different pokemon to see which squad would be best.
The multiplayer mode was also great, my friends and I would spend ages woopin' each others ass on it (although I feel it wasn't as good as 2 player Tetris)

So what do you guys think of the games? What's your favourite game? Your favourite squad etc. Discuss please!

I think it was a decent rpg, with a unique concept. However, looking back, I realized just how much effort was put into making it a believable, fleshed-out wish it would die already.

That's nice, Oober Noob.

I Like pokemon blue the best. I have clocked over 100 Hours on my file, and god knows how many on the previous files that I had completed.

I have played them all and beat most, pokemon yellow is probably my favourite because its the first one i bought. I used to bring it to high school and trade with other people and battle at lunch, fun times.