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I bought myself a Nintendo Wii, got the "Wii Sports" game that comes with it, and also bought the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

Aaron, you said that we should play online sometime, so I'll be waiting.

Then have fun.

Be sure to post a photo of your Mii when you make one.

If only there were a Wii game that supports online multiplayer...

Doesn't Mario Strikers Charged finally have online multiplayer?

It's supposed to.

Oh, I thought most games was supposed to support online multiplayer...

I read a test today in German N-Zone magazine and they said multiplayer works smoothly.

I actually saw the Mario Strikers Charged Football in the store today, but chose not to pick it up, since I'm not a big fan of sports games.

The games that are on my list so far are "Zelda: Twilight Princess" and "Super Smash Bros. Brawl".

Me too.
I mean I could talk my sister into buying it, but I don't like especially the Mario sports games.
But for people who like that sort of game it's very good they say.

Yeah. About "Super Mario Galaxy", I've heard it's pretty bad, but is it worth picking up?

Well, it isn't out yet, so no worries

A couple of friends of mine told me they'd seen a preview of it, and that it looked cheesy.

I'm just pointing out that a game can't be judged if it's "worth picking up", or if it's "pretty lame" before it's released

Pretty reasonable.

Yeah, of course, do you think it'll be any good?

Don't misunderstand me here OGTL, I'm just new to the "New Gaming World". Up untill now, I've just lived in the NES and SNES era, but I'm think I've almost missed something not worth missing, so I've purchased a Wii. I had the choice between a PS3, a 360 and a Wii, there really wasn't any question about that, because I'm a Nintendo man.

So basically, I just rely on what people tell me when it comes to the new stuff, but just give me some time, and I think I'll come around.

i cant wait til' Metroid prime im a huge Metroid fan.

I think Super Mario Galaxy should become a solid title if you like Mario games.
Try or (or youtube also) for videos of the games, so you can have an opinion of your own and don't need to rely that much on your friends' opinions.

I checked a couple of videos on YouTube, and it reminds me a little of Super Mario N64, only with a lot of twists.

It looks cool the way you can spin underneath a star in order to shoot yourself to another planet.