What VC games have you bought?

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What VC games have you bought? I have bought so far:

Super Mario Bros.
Zelda 1

Bonk's Adventure

Gunstar Heroes
ToeJam & Earl

Street Fighter 2010 II
Castlevania IV

Super Mario 64

I plan on buying more VC games soon.

Wow, that's quite a lot... you'll need some SD cards soon I guess. How many blocks have you still left on your Wii?

We haven't bought anything yet. My sister is still waiting for "the Super Nintendo Zelda".

I already have a 512MB SD Card, I had the SD card before I got the Wii. My first channel page is filled with Games(With the GCN/Wii Disk channel). I don't have an extact number on how many blocks I have left(I am not at home right now). But I will tell you how much I have left later. I really want to get the R-type games soon. I was on Wiki the other day and I found out that ESRB has rated Super Mario RPG for Snes. So we should see SMRPG on the VC sometime, In North America anyways. I think I am a media whore. I mean I bought Super Mario Bros...And I have it on a DC Emu disk and I own the Nes cart. But whatever I guess. I Downloaded Super Mario 64 because my cousin has my copie.

I've downloaded Gunstar Heroes and Castlevania IV. I want to download more put the selection is very limited....as of now.

You should check out the TG16 games. Alot of them they have on there are good.