It came to me in a dream...

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I had a great Idea one night. Its a gaming contest or tourney based on not just accomplishing the Goal (beating the stage, getting a certain amount of points) , but also on how stylish you do it. Like a Videogame "free style competition". wouldnt that be a cool idea?

For example (this was in my dream):
Commentator A: This gamer has to achieve 3000 more points to pass!

Commentator B: It looks like he'll be flying up to get those coins!

Commentator A: I CANT BELEIVE IT! He's flying while ducking! He's got to have alot of time on his hands to learn how to pull off that trick.

Commentator B: Look down there. Theres a lineup of koopas and goombas. look he's going for the combo!

Commentator A: 100. 200. 400! 500! 800! 1000! 1-UP!!! He stuck it while holding the down button! The judges give him a 9.8!

hahah, it's SO funny that you posted that! The other day I was playing Ninja Gaiden III (I'm working on being absolutely awesome at this game), and I was in the level with the raising lava. Well, you have to wait for the screen to move... so you have all kinds of time. To keep interested, I was being stylish, and that's actually the word that was in my head when I was playing haha! Doing certain things to the beat of the music, using weapons to accomplish more than one kill, etc.

So, are you proposing a Style Competition as one of the deals we do on the board?

Good idea. I like it.
Problem might be that you'd have to record videos and upload them somewhere...
I you have one, let us see.

Hey, speaking of style, check out OSG's Hydlide run... I just stumbled on it on YouTube. While letting his energy build back up, he walks WITH the bad guys :P He does something similar on his Zelda run.

OSG, if there's any other runs you have, let us know :)

Heh. Maybe if I can figure it all out, I can do a Metroid video, since a few people here seem to be stuck on it. Kid Icarus is also one I can play with a little bit o' "style," along with Castlevania 1.