The New Box Art Thread.

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I thought this may work, Post new Box art here.

I will start:

Red Steel:

Zelda Twilight Princess:

Super Monkey Ball 3(Banana Biltz):

Sponge Bob Wii:

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam for Wii:

What the PS3 box art will look like:

I wonder what's going to happen if the Blu-Ray fails..I mean Sony is putting it on there PS3 Box Art's and the Disc's are Blu-Ray, Oh well I guess.

Is it just me or does the PS3-type boxart look, well... not so good?
I mean it's not well balanced. On top you have that shine-through part, or maybe they put the Blu-Ray logo in there. Then under than on the left you have the "PS3 logo"-bar. IMHO splitting the cover up in 3 areas doesn't look so good. Somehow looks cheap to me.
Somehow the Wii-bar also doesn't appeal me too much. I don't know why though.

What do you think?

But basically I don't care about the packaging that much. If the contents is good, then that's ok.
Having said that, I need to state that I think the best box-art was in the old 8bit days. Especially the Famicom in Japan had lots of great box-art. It wasn't unified back then, i.e. boxes were in different shapes and sizes. Today nearly everything looks the same.

The PS3 box art looks like some 5 year old printed out a picture and stuck it in a DVD case. The Wii art is looking pretty lame too. I agree with manuel, best box art was from the NES days.

Blu-Ray won't faiil, it has a catchy name, and unfortunately that's all that's required for sales to the morons that buy things...

even if it does fail, they can still use it for the PS3...

You've got a point there, it's an easy to remember name. Surely a hell of a lot easier to pronounce than HD-DVD.

I'm not very interested in both, so that format war doesn't afflict me.

Yeah, this stuff doesn't look so good; I agree that the NES box/cart art was better. Hell, even some of the Atari 2600 stuff was better than this (although Nintendo seems better than the PS3).