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9.0 Presentation
Though it's missing some options, all in all this package really pushes a lot of Tetris for solo and multiplayer competition.
7.5 Graphics
Tetris isn't about the visuals, but Nintendo did pull off a cool old-school overworld for its Tetris theme.
7.5 Sound
This game's all about the old-school, so several Nintendo properties have had their 8-bit soundtracks remixed. Not spectacular, but certainly catchy.
9.5 Gameplay
Still unbelievably addictive.Tetris is a true classic, but this is more the evolution than a revisit. You can't go back to the absolute basics, but what's been updated here still works for the design.
10 Lasting Appeal
Lots of single player gaming, and tons of multiplayer for as many as ten players local and four players worldwide. Lots of legs.

Closing Comments
Even with the evolution, Tetris DS is still Tetris at heart, and this dual screen portable version is a fantastic continuation of the classic puzzle game. The small evolutionary changes may be a turn-off to the stubborn purists out there that just want Tetris left alone, but most of the changes work to the benefit of the original game's design. And you haven't lived until you've played ten player Tetris complete with rotation-freezing lightning bolts and piece-shifting banana peels flying between the systems. The addition of internet play, while nothing new to PC Netris gamers, is a fantastic option, even if it's just a little minimalist in choices. Once again, Tetris, you do handheld gamers proud.


is what I've been waiting for. Tetris Worlds, my ass.

yeah, i'll be getting this one for sure

Same here. Especially as the original won't work on a DS. I hope it is not too expensive, as I would not buy it if it were. But its definately the only Tetris remake/modernisation i'm interested in.

wait. shouldn't this be in handhelds?

This game is certainly on my wishlist of used games for my next trip to Japan. As I already own a ton of Tetris games I'll try to find it used for cheap.

I'm only mildly interested, since it's just a rehash of the same Tetris that has been released 900 times on 900 consoles/handhelds, and they want us to pay $35 (US, it'll be $45 CDN) for it? no thanks... this should have been a $20 title.

I love Tetris (or any other puzzle game).

I won't buy it for full price though (I'll wait until it gets down to $20 or less)

Tetris is a good game for being a passenger in the car for a long drive.

Well that looks interesting.
Throw in some neato cameos and cool unlockables, and the world's most playable game gets even better!

And 'Tetris' is pretty cool too.