Megaman Zero

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Ok so ive recently tried some Megaman Zero games and I must say, being a Megaman 5eteran and all, they are HARD! I can NES ROMp through most Megaman games but not the zero series in the least. Im even having problems with the intro stage on Megaman Zero 2. Anyone else here horrible at the Zero games or am I the only one?

I actually never played any of the Megaman games after NES.... I always meant to but never did .

I'll have to get up to speed and then I might actually have to say

Hell, I couldn't even take the X series.

Same here. I stopeed at Megaman 6 for NES. I even have Megaman 64 but never played it .

HAH! The X series is tough but ive mastered it pretty much. Ubernewb how often did you die in the X games? Did you finish any? They are pretty hard

Jeez, I have no idea how often I died... I only really got far in the first game. I think I ended up having beaten the Eagle Guy, Chill Penguin, the Octopus Guy, the chameleon, and the teleporting boomerang bastard.

I would manage to get through most of the stages more or less easily, but the bosses would kick the living crap out of me (Except Chill Penguin, he was pretty easy). The only reason I beat that boomerang sonofabitch was because the umpteen billionth time I fought him, he suddenly spazzed and started teleporting left and right. All I had to do was shoot, turn, and repeat.

yes, these games are hard.

X was great.... I think its just we're getting older.

Soon, we'll be as bad as when our parents tried to give it a shot when we were kids.

Not enough time to waste practicing!