Halloween Costume

In Games

this is my last years halloween costume it almost 6 foot tall...

Haha nice, I don't think it belongs in games though. And that bike in the back is absolutely bitchin.

wow, that's very cool indeed

Cool Costume

Here, try this:

this year i"m being a ninja pirate and a soldier and even maybe ill add a vampire all in one!

Me and my two freinds are being britney Spears.

i am going to be mario...haha that would be funny.

My buddy and I got matching Dress coats ($13 each at value village) and matching skull masks, we both wear black pants and white shoes, so apart from the height, we'll look almost identical

Any chance someone can send the pic of the first poster's halloween costume? I cant load it no matter what! is my email... thanks

The first pic "rehosted" (because I care).

And to liven things up, here's some more great game-related costumes...



Thank you Mr. Z.E.N.

Very nice costumes

those were some sweet costumes the PacMan one was rad. i made my Tetris block from boxes and bed sheets and tape and sprady adheisve, and painted it then i started to run out with paint so i mixed lots of thinner on it, about half way though the night it was on fire. but i wasnt in it so its all good. I am not sure what i am going to be this year...

The first pic "rehosted" (because I care).


my brother Heath SNuck in to his work along time ago, with a box like this , we made it so detailed we even wrote The Orange on it!

Whoever the hell that guy is, he's an inspiration to us all.

I'm trying to convince my friend to dress up as the Dig-Dug guy (even though no one would get it).