The Original was Better

In Games

I saw a topic like this over at the DP forums so i thought i would make one like it here so what NES Games come to mind when you think about Sequels that fell short of their predecessors?

If you read the Super Punchout Threadin SNES, They seem to think that the nes one was better. I think the SMB's on nes where better than the SMW's

Maybe Super Mario Sunshine, Mario 64 was better

He said NES Games. im trying to think of more....

Contra better than Super C

for some reason i could never catch on to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but i love the original.

The original Ninja Gaiden > than it's sequels. I still like the sequels, but the first is just awesoime!

That's true...

POWer Blade is > Than POWer blade 2. The second game just flat out sucked.

yeah, Punch-out!! is way better than Super

All the Double Dragons of NES are much better than Super Double Dragon.

Also prefer 'Metal Gear' over 'Snake's Revenge' (but that's not a sequel).