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I'm not meaning to take away from Ghost Toaster or compete against them with this thread, just seeing that I'm not the only gamer re-making game tunes has made me decide to come out and tell the world about my group, The VG Project. I got bored and made my own "virtual band" and decided now would be the place to release them upon the world. If you wanna hear us, lemme know I'll make sure you get a small sample of us!

sure ill hear ya, if its good then i want more.

Are we talking Real music? like guitar, bass and drums? Or some computer generated techno music?

The topic is about video game remixes, and you're bothered about whether or not it's computer generated?

Well, I'd sort of like to know as well, is it a rock remix? using actual instruments, as Dragonlord's band does?

You make it seem like ALL remixes are techno. Which is most certainly not the case...

I know that computer generated doesn't nessicarily mean techno. I've heard some fantastic orchestral arrangements, among others, created on computer before. Heck, even all NES music doesn't sound like techno.

I just thought it was an odd thing to be bothered about considering that most of the music to be remixed would have started life on a five channel sound-chip.

But yeah, I can see why you'd be curious about whether or not it's a band or created by one guy with a tracker program.

Any remixes of any "Karnov" tunes?

No, really.


How's this: Email me and in the subject line right "VG PROJECT". I'll send you one of my songs. That's the easiest way I can think of.

This is kind of like a cheap plug for the site I'm staff at once you login you can upload files, so that we could all just go and download the song, instead of having you email us large attachments (and I know my main email has a limit on the size of the attachments I can send / receive). It's free to download / upload, you don't gotta wait in a line for a download (you only need to signup to upload) and you can have as many people as you want dowload the file (no bandwidth limits).

By the way, I'd like to hear the song, but like I said, I doubt the file is small enough to be sent via E-mail.