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Does anyone know of any games for the NES and SNES that were very controversial? Just curious cuz I like to find out why certain games were banned or caused alot of controversy.

Well theres the wisdom tree stuff, like Bible Adventures and don't forget Porn NES like Hot Slots and Bubble Bath Babes. Clearly you can see why those games weren't liscenced.

A game by colour dreams, called baby boomer. It was a light gun game and i guess it made parents think of it as a game that revolved around shooting babies. So the changed the name of it. i dont remember what they changed it to, though.

Tengen Tetris is the most famous one, Tengen produced it without actually having the complete rights, and a giant lawsuit followed. It ended with the game being pulled from shelves, and hundreds of thousands of copies being destroyed.

It doesn't get any more "controversial" than these two games...



Those games are nearly impossible to find and go for a fortune.

I'd love to play Dr. Mario 2.

I've played BBB before, so I can see why that one would be controvesial. Also,

Yeah Baby Boomers, oh god I couldn't believe that game. You have to use a rifle to protect a baby. Man if thats not red neck fun what is?

Nonsense, there are no "stupid questions"...


Of course they're . Don't you see the pictures?
This is the "internet" after all. If you see it, then it must be true.

LJN did however produce a verified controversial movie game based off of "Platoon".
I always thought that was an unsual movie licence.

All I can think of is Great Giana Sisters. And that's kinda in reverse, being controversial mostly for being a rip off of Super Mario Bros., which caused Nintendo to sue the publisher.


Which entirely fails to make it unique

Look at the mess they made of Bionic Commando. (aka: Top Secret: Hitler's Revival) Heck, not even Duck Tales got away with being uncensored (The caskets in Translyvania originally had crosses on them, instead of the letters R.I.P)

These never got a CHANCE to become controversial, since between Nintendo, the developers and their translators, anything "dubious" was usually gouged out long before the USA or Europe got to see it.

I'd have to say Sweet Home, considering that it wasn't even released in the states.

I remeber when Maniac Mansion was ported over to NES they released two versions. The first few batches of the game allowed the player to take a hamster and make it explode in the microwave. Nintendo then released a version sans rodent cooking.

Of course, there was always the king of controversy for the SNES, Mortal Komabt. I remember agonizing over which version to get, the SNES with the better graphics but crappy fatalities and grey blood/sweat or the Genesis with complete lack of colors but the real fatalities code.

Making it entirely non-controversial...

I read about the whole Guerrilla War censoring thing. It was understandable I suppose at the time of its release. It would be nice to see the uncensored version released, though. Guerrilla War was my fave game growing up, and it's still very dear to me even to this day.
Also, I'd read somewhere about the Maniac Mansion controversy. From what I heard though, was there was much more than just an exploding hampster censored out of the game. If anyone finds anything about it, maybe you could post a link on here?

Actually, every US version of Maniac Mansion has the exploding hamster (only the UK version doesn't). only the characters Syd and Razor can do it.
Yeah, the prototype for that game has a lot of stuff that was taken out, such as a naked statue. The prototype has unfortunately not been dumped to a NES ROM, but there are screen shots from it online (though i wasn't able to find them with a couple minutes of googling just now.)
BTW, Maniac Mansion for NES is basically a port of a PC game.. so you can find the original game to see all the "offensive" stuff Nintendo wouldn't let them have in.

here's a page i did find that talks about (and shows) some various Nintendo censorship..

i think in mortal conbat beacuse of the violence, in the SNES i am pretty sure.

This is a little more recent, but has anyone heard of the game "Thrill Kill"? It was supposedly canceled due to it's graphic content, but the same fighting engine was used for the Wu Tang Clan's fighting game. Also, anyone remember "Night Trap?" The whole ratings system started because of that game, but it was a fluke. In other words, they looked before they leaped(sp?).

LJN did however produce a verified controversial movie game based off of "Platoon".
I always thought that was an unsual movie licence.

Why was Platoon so controversial?

LJN did however produce a verified controversial movie game based off of "Platoon".
I always thought that was an unsual movie licence.

Why was Platoon so controversial?
Not because of the game itself, but because of the actual movie it was based from. 'Platoon' was quite controversial for it's time.

Once again, I bring you...

And yes, it was very controversial (especially for the infamous "Squeal like a pig" scene).


One interesting change can be found in
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom.

I know a lot of people find out that game a little childish
and silly, but guys - It's a awesome adventure game.
The story of very captivating, do not get fooled by
the simple name and the funny characters. The game rocks...

About the changes --- Spoilers here! Attention...

In the USA version, there is a Coffee Shop at the second level.
In the Japanese version, the same shop is a Tabacco Shop,
selling cigarretes!

In the USA version, there is a Juice Shop.
In Japanese one, the same shop is a wine and alcohol store.

In the USA, you meet the Garlic wanderer at the park, and you
must bring him a Donut, 'cause he is starving. Then, you go
until the end of street and find a cabaret. Inside the cabaret
bathroom you find the donut in the trash. For God's sake!
This is nonsense!

In the Japan version, the Garlic wanderer wants some matches
to light his cigarretes, and inside the cabaret, you find aome
matches at the trash can. Much more plausible, right? And detail:
There is a handwriting message on back of the matches talking
about the Princess kidnapping!!

What a big change between versions, huh?

And I love to meet Sargeant Pepper in his police station
on third level. Any reference to Beatles from the game programmers

I remember wandering who on earth had thought it was a good idea to place the donut in a trash can. Now I know the answer; good old censorship! It's interesting that the censors didn't want kids searching for a smokers matches, but had no problem with giving out the message that it is perfectly acceptable behavior it pick food out of a trash can.

Narc, people. Narc.

The first version was, yes. But the one that was actually distributed: The game was to STOP drug dealers, when in the first idea of the game, it was to BE a drug dealer.

Oh-ho, but you see, the junkie actually threw needles. That you could see. Outrageous.

Really?? Hahah, i havent put much time into that game. Dont like it.