Mario or Sonic?

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I remember a bygone era (the early 90's) where my friends and I used to argue about which games where better, the first three mario's or the first three Sonic's (obviously the newer ones weren't out then) Being about 9 at the time, we never came to a solution. So, I was wondering which series you guys prefer (purely out of interest) and why?
For me, it has to be Mario. That's not to say I dislike Sonic, but I think that maybe Sonic was a bit too easy

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it if it has

i would have to say mario, the first sonics didnt find that entertaining. The DC and GC sonics i love, though. but overall, mario is who i prefer!

Well, the Mario and Sonic games are really from a different generation of consoles. So Sonic was a lot nicer in my opinion, especially Sonic 3 when it's "locked-on" to Sonic & Knuckles, it makes for a very long, very quick paced game.

Also, I'm tired of how Mario is in every game ever now, so he loses points for that.

Also, Mario is just a fat d00d that halucinates, Sonic is the fastest thing alive, and he has an attitude. Sonic defines the early 90's

Aw heck, you're right. I often forget as the first console I ever got was a SNES with Mario allstars. But I still think it's a reasonable question.

I got to go with Mario. Of course Sonic was/still is great. Mario games just never get old to me. I love play SMB 1,2,3, SMW, SMW2, SM64, SMS. They are all great games. Either way, both Mario, and Sonic have special places in my heart .

I go with my good ol' fat plumber.

I'm gonna have to to with Sonic as well. The main reason is for what NES-Luke said... I'm just sick of Mario being in EVERY game. Hopefully Nintendo never buys the rights to Resident Evil... I'm 100% positive they would make Resident Evil: The Zombies Invade the Mushroom Kingdom.

You can't be sick of Mario, you've got him in your sig after all!

Ha! True, but he pretty much symbolizes Nintendo as a whole. It's a button for my site, and I feel it's fitting

^Does his name begin with a K...

Yay, Mario is being in a lot of games, but....I think the sports games...are really fun. I love playing them with my brother. Its a blast. Also, if your sick of mario being in "every" game, just think of the platformer games Mario is in. Can't get sick of those (IMO).

Mario, ultimately, has the better game. Most of Sonic's games boil down to holding down R and pressing jump occasionally, except in the later levels, where speed often becomes impossible, or at least unreasonably difficult.

Mario games will usually require you to use every trick at your disposal, unless you find the warp-zones.

However, in a relatively straight fight, Sonic has the advantage. Mario can only kill things by landing on them (unless they're spikey, and Sonic is), or hitting the ground out from underneath them and then kicking them.

Sonic basically just has to jump into things to kill them.

Of course, things get tricker when you start adding their various POWerups.

Roth, we all know Karnov is king

That is a TOUGH question. But if i had to pick it would proooobably have to me mario just for the simple fact that well...i have no clue...damn this question is hard but nontheless mario.

I'm a huge Sonic fan, but also a big Mario fan. As a character I like Sonic alot better, but I'd have to go with Mario because he was in alot more bitchin' games

SMB was the game that started it all for me, so that he gets my vote. Yes sonic has better graphics, but it better have better graphics since it's sega's got 16bit graphics and old nes has 8. So I don't think that reason really comes into play. Sonic is fast paced yes, but I think SMB gives you a run for your money, you need some talent to beat that.

u need Talent for Sonic Believe me.

Playing SMB/Duckhunt is what got me Hooked on video games and today I still think they are truely awesome, but I have to say the original Sonic games were great as well. If there was a "both" choice, I would've picked it, but I picked Mario instead. I just had to.

I do like Sonic. But between the two, Mario all the way. Mario could have his own TV Network and I would probably end up watching a lot of it. Mario has to be one of the best video game characters.

Mario is much better than that speed demon