I don't mean to sound stupid.....

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What defines a platformer game? I've heard the term used countless times, but I can't figure out a definition for it. Could you help me?

Games like Super Mario Bros. , Or the Megaman series are platformers. Why?, Because the object is to move around on the different platforms, jumping gaps, and avoiding enemies.

Oh. That makes sense. I thought it meant stuff like it was designed for a specific platform (e.g. NES or Genesis). Thanks. You've solved my months of wondering.

In German game magazines "platformers" are called "Jump'n'runs".

Cool. Thanks for the tidbit.

Yeah just basicly means running and jumping on platforms and stuff like that. IE: Super Mario Bros., Sonic..and milllliooons of clones trying to be like them.

Platformers are also known as Sidescrollers. Such would be anything that has a scrolling screen when you move.

You can't be that broad. You have to specify "sidescrolling platformer", "sidescrolling shooter", etc...

"sidescroller" just describes the point-of-view