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WOW, you can make your very own game with out using codes its alot of fun to do check out some game sites for it here below but don't forget to get Game Maker first. Enjoy.

You can play those games for free but remember to buy the full version of Game Maker or just download it of Limewire!

look for my upcoming Game Maker reviews!

Thanks airfiggy!

I've been looking for a program like this.

Who remembers klik and play? It was software that did the same thing made about 10 years ago.

Never heard of that.

But game making software is always interesting for me. If I had more time I'd really try it. But if you start it can be very time-consuming...

Thats pritty awsome thanks for the info. I made my own version of pong and its pritty kick ass.

That looks really cool im going to have to try this out.

hey thnx a lot ive been looking for a program like this for a LONG TIME. I havent actually tried it just yet but judging by what it supposedly does it should definitely help me out. Thnx again!

The format reminds me of RPGMaker. Was Don Miguel in on it? But really, programs like this are (relatively) easy to find. Games Factory, Klik and Play, etc. It's hard to find a free one, though, I'll say that.

I used to have 'RPG Maker 2003' (or whatever) and it looks to have the same kind of interface as 'Game Maker'.

The layout seemed to be put together logically but too much of a learning curve was needed. It makes sense though since the programming/planning can be quite complex (I just didn't have the time for it).
But that was specifically for designing RPGs though. Perhaps 'Game Maker' is a bit more versatile.

Might try it out soon.

looks pretty cool ... I will have to try it out...

Hey can I test out your version of pong? Thanx

airfiggy i have downlaod the program
but can i change the nes game
i have a lot of NES Games and i want to change it
how can i change it with that program
i see the program files is .gm6
and my NES Games is .nes when i change .nes to .gm6
and load it in the program they say can't laod this file
what i must do airfiggy please help me

The program that Airfiggy posted about isn't for NES Game ROMs. It's to design games, but not for use on the NES, and not for changing ROMs. If you want to mess around with the ROMs, go check out:

There are a ton of tools there that you can use to change data on .nes files.

Thankx Roth for the link!

Just to to let you know FF1 REmixed is coming along just fine almost done!! Remember everyone will get a copie of the NES ROM!

i want a program that
i can hucker the nes game
anyone have another links for the program
it's very import for me

This place has a few frontend editors for the more popular games such as Metroid, SMB series and Zelda. There's also a forum dedicated to hacking games, one I really would like would be a Punchout hack, but I'm sure if you want any help with anything related to game hacking, this is the place to go.

have anyone get my question
i'a saying i want a program that
i can change the nes game change it
all of you guys have give a site for gmg gba snes
i don't know what are these please i want to huck my game
i have a mario game and it's been hacked when i open it
you play with mario but mario is sex without clothes
that what i want nes game hucker please guys understand
my question please

Four clicks into the website. Don't waste my time.