Question: Why do you still play NES games?

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And don't just say "cuz there fun", I know they're fun. That's why I still play them. I want to know why you think they're still fun. In a world of gaming on the verge of photorealistic imagery (unreal 4 engine), online gaming, and whole new ways to actually play games, what keeps bringing you back to the NES? This I something I've been wanting to ask a group of people a long time and my primary reason for joining this forum. I would really like to hear from the younger gamers, some of which weren't even born before the 8-bit era ended. And if some of you happened to get started with a later system like the PS or N64 only to find you liked the older games more, then I really want to hear what you have to say. As for my reasons behind wanting to know all this, let's just say it's research.

They're still fun.

Because (!!) there are many titles with great playability.
Today, many games just boast with photorealistic graphics and forget about the playability and the gamers playing it.
They also mix 1000 genres in every game. You don't have many real platformers any more these days.
That's why I go back to Mario Brothers, Duck Tales, and stuff. Real 100% platformers.

My introduction to Video games was through NES, so for me it has to be Nostalgia.
But, as for the youngsters, i would like to see their views as to why they choose to play 8 bit systems, despite being born into a world of photorealistic games.

well im 13 I started on the NEs and GEnesis, and I think NES Games are alot like ARcade games, just get your highest score, SO I do. and they're fun getting that score.

Why i play them, some of them just seem to have a higher level of quality then some of todays games

why i collect, nostalgia

In a word - Gameplay

Well, i am 13 also and grew up on N64, but in 2002 my friend called me over to check out this *Sh!tty* Old nintendo he had dug out of his brothers closet. I started playing SMB and this is fun! So i fed my addiction to the nes on sites such as
And i finally got one, after asking just about everyone i saw. It was a nes with the springs for the loader broken, with two cntrollers, and 8 games. The spring thing wasnt a problem, i just stuck the game betweeen the nes consle and the 7 pin. So now i have a SNES, a N64, a PS, a Atari 2600 and a 3 NES's My most favoured out of those are the SNES and NES. i have 49 NES Games now, and i dont have much of a incline to purchase a new-gen system. as many will say, the NES dominates the gameplay department. and just, the sheer fun!

I'm 15, and I grew up with a NES, and Genesis. I was glad that my brother still had his NES, when I was born, because it gave me a chance to start the beginning of my NES additction. When the N64 came out, I was amazed at what Nintendo had done. The N64 is still my favorite system, because I was much older than I was when the NES came out to respect it. Once I bought a gamecube, I still played my N64, and Genesis the most. Then I though, "what ever happened to my bros NES". I rebought a new NES, and have been playing since because 3 main elements always drag me back. Gameplay, Music, and Story Line. Those things always make me stay wth my NES.

I'm glad to see more people enjoying games for what they are than for griping about what they aren't. Personally I play all kinds of games, and have just as much fun playing Time Splitters Future Perfect as I do playing Ninja Gaiden. I never understood what made one person turn their nose up at a game because it was 2d only for someone else to see it go "OMFG!! IT'S LITTLE SAMPSON" (that's a made up scenario, but you get the idea). I guess it's all just a matter of perception. And I totaly get what manuel was saying about platformers . What I wouldn't give for a new, high quality, simple run and jump platformer on a new system (2d or 3d).

Well, I grew up on the NES and such, so nostalgia'a a big part of it for me.

But why do I still play them?

They have more of a 'pick up and play' feel then many newer games. You don't have to play for hours to get anywhere in them, so they're great when you have nothing to do and just want to play a video game for the fun of it.

Of course, I'm not saying I hate newer games or anything. When I do feel like really putting a lot of time into something, newer games do that for me.