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Yeah I started this NES band, Ghost Toaster, so far 2 songs have been created:
Final Fantasy-Battle theme

Megaman 2-Flash Man's Stage

I do the bass, drums and synth, my buddy John does the guitar.

Man, thats really good. You guys should do more. Great job!

Hey Dragonlord, I was wondering if you would finally post those links over here Good job by the way! So far my favorite one is still the Flash Man stage! Do you guys have any ideas for what your next song will be?

I'll take requests if you have them...but I'm think Gargoyle's Quest 2, SMB1, FF2? (chocobo theme), Tetris, maybe Star Tropics...

I'm planning on making a full length CD.

Wow. Those are the best nes themes I have heard in a long, long time.. Rarely do I enjoy any kind of redo or remake.
They all sound like Megadeath or Iron Maiden (or that kind of band).
They're fairly short though, I would say write original material for an entire song but use that as a chorus or something. But I dont know anything about music.

Yeah there short, but the real songs are just loops, they don't really have endings, they just keep going and going. So yeah, gotta cut em short, or you'll get sick of it.

But thanks!

You you like the music to Megaman 2, (which I do) you should try to do the music from the first Willy stage. Love that.



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