Super Sprint

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Is any one here addicted the Super Sprint as much as I am. I mean I play this game more than Ninja Gaiden and Mario Bro. 3.
Or maybe its just me.

It is a good game.....but it's just you. Two player is a blast though.

It's just you. I don't even know that game.

Perhaps I should try?

It's not just you! Well I had a slight addiction to Super Sprint and Super Off Road in the arcade when I was younger. It has got to be said that they were better than the NES versions because they used a steering wheel. So if you haven't already try Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road. It's Super Sprint off road.

Yeeah I think I have Played super off road but have never seen it for NES

i used to have supa off road I can remember having 3 friends over and us all playing it.