Solo Thief

In Final Fantasy

Ah, screw it. I'm going for it.

I was bored today, so I started up a new quest: The solo Theif. This will be especially boring, so it'll probably take me around the same amount of time as the Solo WM. I fought about a million IMPs, got up to level 5, and took on Garland today. And won.

I saved the princess. Hooty hoo.

I'm fairly sure I got up to level 6 after I took these stills, and that's where I am now. Soon, I'll go to Pravoka and try my luck on the pirates.

This will probably be harder until I get past the Ice Cave, so I can go pick up the Defense Sword for RUSE. I'll need to gain more levels on crappy baddies. My patience needs the workout.

Uh oh, here we go again!

Definitely living up to your title!

Good luck, again, although you probably won't need it; you seem to have all the patience needed.
I keep trying to come up with challenges like this for myself with games, every time I come up with one, I think "naw, that'll just cause me to throw the computer across the room!"
Funny name for the thief, by the way. ;)

OSG you are God.

Well, good luck.
I guess you well deserved your title there.

Here, take my patience. You'll need it. That white mage quest was proof that you can do it, but you may be running low.

Congrats! One challenge after another.

duh! what do you think OSG stands for? it's One Super God!

duh! what do you think OSG stands for? it's One Super God!

Don't duh me, I will come over to the states and wash your mouth out with soap.

I thought it standed for "One Sexy Guy"

It could be,

Is OSG the only one on these forums that has beat the game solo?

Maybe I'm just the only one with nothing to do?

I would attempt it, but lately I just can't stay locked down to one game. Hell, I haven't even played my Kingdom Hearts II yet thanks to MAME.
And if I were to do it, I'd have to use a different character so as not to mimic OSG, and it would probably be the Red Mage, and as he is more versatile a character, it wouldn't be as hardcore as the White Mage/Thief.

Hey guys, I'm in level 14 now, and I still can't win against the Wizards for the Crown. Ogres are the only way I can level up. This is going to take a while.

Ouch. Can't the thief run? Or because it's the Crown, does the game lock you into that Wizard battle no matter what?

Wizards are one of the few enemy groups you can never run from. So I have to fight. So I have to level up more. Luckily I have nothing better to do (?)

It seems like it's been awhile; methinks we need a Solo Thief Update.

Actually, I haven't played at all for about a month. In stead, I've been torturing myself with Hydlide, and I also made a Zelda II: The Adventure of Link TAS. Cookie for anyone who knows what I'm talking about ;)

Anyway, it's going to get done... It's just that leveling up is so boring :(

Tool-Assisted Speedrun? If so, link please... if there is one :)

For the avi torrent/or the .fcm file
for casual watching (same run, produced by a different site) .

This thread has been derailed. Ah well. The Zelda forum is way too far away :(

Yeah, thread derailment happens to the best of us :P

Great job on the movie by the way! I like how you kept it entertaining also, like when you were the fairy and you moved up and down with the flying blue "horse head" or whatever it is haha. That was great. Inzult? Where'd you come up with that?

Anywho, get back to the thief's quest freak!

Thanks. And Inzult is just the first word that came into my head. I only registered in the first place to make lurking easier, and never intended on contributing anything :P

I will try to get past the Crown part soon. Maybe I'll try to gain a level or two tonight.

Cool...Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, along with Manic Depression bouts with Maniac Mansion, just happens to be the game I'm playing right now. I watched part of your video last night and didn't get very far (damned dial up ISP), I got as far as where you had Link jump over the town sign; I can see why Roth said this was entertaining!
YouTube's become a valuable resource for watching completed games. If it weren't for all the leveling up you have to do, these solo FF quests would look good on there!

Hahahaha haloloroflroflrolo Solo Theif rides again!


It took me about 20 tries, but I eventually got lucky and won teh Crown at level 17 :)

Now I have to fight Astos before I can get a better sword and armor and find somewhere better to level up. :(

So it feels like no progress, almost. But it' still great.

I gotta say, you do some pretty cool projects OSG :)

Astos with the thief... I wonder how that fight will go?

I was wondering how the quest was going. Nice update! :^)

And I thought solo Red mage was hard Way to go.

OSG already beat the game on solo WHITE mage, solo red mage would be a downgrade.

Meh you get RUSE so solo B mage would be harder.

I can't disagree with that. The downside of Black Mage is that he needs a lot more levels than white mage. Upside is that he can do more than 1 damage for much of the the game, though :)

Its your choice boss fights takeing years or boss fights that you can't win till your lv 40.

Oh hey, guys. Remember this?

Well, I've been leveling up for 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there on and off and today I finally got to level 25...

So I decided to try my luck with Astos...

And I did it on my 20th try or so. Got lucky with RUB and SLO2 missing, and got 2 (!) critical hits. That was enough to tank my way to victory! I felt pretty damn good getting him, since it's such an ordeal leveling on shit enemies.

Went and got the herb, then the key then looted all the places I could (except the marsh cave)

So finally I have some decent weapons and armor to work with. Next up, I'm going to try my luck with the hall of giants, and if I can't do it, do my leveling on some mummies in Astos' castle.

Back on track now that the bad part's over :)

good job. Once again, your patience has persevered! ;^)
I've got to get the original FF out one of these days. Dawn Of Souls has spoiled me, I'm afraid. :^\

Sup guys

So what happened, see, is I leveled up to level 29. And I got bored of leveling, so I started actually playing.

It took me about 6 or so tries to get the vampire, get the ruby, and get out. The problem is the various zombie-type creatures. Stunlock is my biggest foe so far in the earth cave.

Yay. The vampire itself only took two tries. And walking out took two tries. So I guess that's 3 tries? Whatever. The point is stunlock is bad, so avoid it.

Then I went and got the rod, with no problems.

Finally, I decided to try Lich. I was actually doing very well. I think I almost killed him, but he stunned me twice, so I had a few wasted rounds while he finished me off.

More to come maybe!

I took 6 screenshots of key points of this, but I don't really feel like cropping them right now, so I won't post them.

I killed Lich after ~8 tries at the level, my second try at the boss was successful. Went for the canoe. Then I did the Castle of ordeals. Died about 10 times on various 1-hit-kill enemies and bad luck against mummies. Killed the zombie dragon the first try.

Actually, the first time I did the castle, I got into a fight against Sorcerers the square right before the zombie dragon. So mad that I died at that point...

So now I have the heal staff and zeus Gauntlet. Yay!

I wonder how this turned out.
Is it too late to ask for an update?

I wonder how this turned out.
Is it too late to ask for an update?