Will they make a Castlevania for GCN or Revolution?

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I think my freind rented one for the N64

I'm sure they will make some CV's for these systems. Konami has worked with Nintendo a long time, so I see no reason they won't "whip" out some titles...

The N64 CV's weren't my favorite of the series. There was Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness. The second one was pretty much just a remake of the first one, so I recommend LoD to people when talking of them.

Konami and Nintendo haven't been doing much together lately... I think the best Cube owners got was MGS: Twin Snakes, and that was just a remake of the original MGS... I don't expect any CV games on current gen consoles, or even next. but I'll be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.

Konami and Nintendo are doing just fine. You have all the Castlevanias for GBA, and Castlevania DS is coming out.

On a side note, MGS: Twin Snakes was published by Konami, but developed by Silicon Knights.

And Castlevania DS comes out with a little whip stylus, with which you whip the touch screen.

Ha! You're a silly guy, Manuel!

Interesting. I'll have to pay attention to the credits on that next time I pop it in my Cube. Man, that game is more difficult than the original!

I take that as a compliment.

And wouldn't that be a great idea?? They have a chainsaw controller for RE4, why not a stylus in the form of a whip?


Is that the one I heard about where you are Alucard in a 3D perspective? I only heard about it recently...

I'm anxiously awaiting that game! I wasn't sure what system it was on, though.

When you are in doubt, it's always PS2. Unfortunately.

You mean from 1st person view or like Zelda from a bit behind? Zelda style would be cool.

Lament of Innocence was pretty much Zelda style 3D...

Here are some screens of it so you see what I mean.

It's pretty much from your back the whole game, but the camera changes around to accomodate for some battles.

That looks very nice. Yeah, that's a bit Zelda style. I like it.

The bosses look great.


Here's some info on the new Castlevania.

And some screens

Wow! Looks really good! Thanks for the links.

It looks like there is even more detail than on Lament. I wonder what the new styles of experience building is going to be? Maybe it will be one of those, "the more you use something" deals. Like when you use more magic, your magic gets better. I think something like that was used on FF II. Should be interesting.

I can't wait!

Since when is 3-D graphics "Zelda style"?

'Lament of Innocence' looks more like 'Devil May Cry' or 'Vagrant Story'. The camera angle doesn't just stay behind the player, it's more overhead view and changes to different angles. I imagine the newer Castlevania game will be the same.

Speaking of which... Why are video game viewpoints referred to as "Camera angles" anyway? There's no actual camera there (perhaps it's just a fitting description that no one has bothered to change).

It doesn't matter to me which console a 'Castlevania' game is on, but I would like to see another 'Symphony of the Night' type game, possibly in the 'Simon's Quest' type layout (and not like the under-impressive GBA games).

Great Find, I have been wanting to get more PS 2 games andway!