castlevannia on the snes???

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excalty how many were on the snes?? and are there any game styled like castlevannia on the snes?? i know there were some similar type games on the nes like 8 Eyes but i am clueless on the snes. thnaks for the help guys

I'm sure there was one called Super Castlevania IV. I don't know if there are any others, i'm sure there are similar games, but none spring to mind right now, sorry.

SuperCastlevaniaIV , Castlevania Dracula X , thats all for SNES as for ones like Castlevania im clueless.

Super Castlevania IV is a great game! it's similar to Castlevania on NES. you can swing your whip UP and DIAGANOL!!! the game rocks, go get it now.....

i've never played Dracula X so i can't say anything about it. but i did hear it's not as good as Super CVIV

cool. i checked ebay and i see both the castlevannia games on there. but the dracula x looks kinda expensive.

Dracula X for SNES sucked. Honesty, you're better off making a disc of the TurboGrafx 16 game yourself. I have one, so I may rip and send to people if they want. I just use the Magic emulator for it and I have no issues.

Rabid Shark thats what ive been wanting to do for a few years now. but i do have the SNes Version, ill try and get a Pic.

Not to mention its complete...

Great game. Perfect level of difficulty and unique stage designs. The ability to whip in 8 directions, swing, throw weapons from a crouched position, and more controlled jump make this one very playable. The boss fights are great too. Despite being made by Treasue (instead of Konami), it feels every bit like a Castlevania game should.

Good looking but utterly disappointing rip of the original 'Castlevania: The Rondo of Blood' for TG-16CD. It plays like typical side-scrolling Castlevania with just the basic controls and moves. The game is ruined by its very cheap difficulty- Bats constantly knock you off when jumping to moving platforms- Ravens fly at you while trying to jump across collapsing blocks- Medusa heads hit you while trying to jump... you get the picture. Basically every time you're "airborn" there is a small, difficult-to-hit enemy there to knock you to your death. Lame.
I really do not like this game at all.

'Rondo of Blood' is supposedly an adventure in the style of 'Symphony of the Night'. 'Dracula X' is not.

Ooh! Me! Me! Me! I want it. I've been trying to get that game off of a now for the past two months without avail. I have the XBOX TurboGrafX CD emulator now, so this is a must have.

for the millionth time, Treasure, was in Konami, or was Konami, cause they did Contra Also, but ok, Castlevania IV is Konami, if it wasn't it would show the Treasures Symbol on it, and if u think oh my God its not Konami! then see this.


Super Castlevania IV....freakin' rocked!!!!perhaps one of my favorite SNES Games...made me buy a system..
and as far as Dracula X is concerned "rabidshark" shark is right on the money...your better of w/the Turbo Duo version...much better.
Have you tried the Actraiser games..? not really identical to Castlevania but sorta reminds me of those games...

Yes, the first Actraiser was a great SNES game. The second, however...

Super Castlevania IV was a great game. Actraiser was one of the first games I had for the SNES. Good game. Loved re-fighting all the bosses at the end.

Your forgetting the fact that SC4 has some of the best tunes ever.