WTB: Blue Secret Scout/+other NES games for my collection

In Buy/Sell/Trade

EDIT: I decide to change this post and list all the NES Games that I need to complete my collection. If you have any of these items for sale or trade, please let me know. Thanks, Mike

ROB/Zapper Test Cart
U-Force Demo Cart
Duckhunt Test Cart
Zelda Test Cart
Control Deck Test Cart V1.1
NTF2 Test Cart V1.0

Bubble Bath Babes
Peek-A-Boo Poker
Myriad 6 in 1

The last NES carts to complete my collection
Cowboy Kid
Dragon Strike
Blue Secret Scout
Black King Neptune
Black Silent Assault
Black Moon Ranger

If only I had one Secret Scout If I run across anyone with two of them (since I need one too), and one ends up being blue... I'll let you know man.