In Buy/Sell/Trade

looking to buy.....or trade for.....

Bubble Bobble 2
cheetahmen 2
peek a boo poker ntsc
hot slots ntsc
bubble bath babes ntsc version
nintendo world championships 1990
snow brothers
Contra force
secret scout
action 52
myriad 6 in 1

let me know what you got, and what you would like
thanks, darrick

you want all that 8-bit porn, thatskinda sad,

heh, he's not the only one who wants all of those. I just wish I had enough money to get my hands on Bubble Bath Babes.

I've got a buddy that works at a game store keeping an eye out for me .... Whether or not he will actually share if he finds one?

The only reason he would consider it is because he had no idea they were worth that much.

Good luck finding an NWC Cart.