promotional versions of blades of steel and excitebike plus

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i have a promotional version of Excitebike and Blades of Steel for sale on ebay right now... check it out

i also have for auction a prototype of super probotector for the snes

Let me get this straight, you stuck a sticker on top of a cart, then say its promotional?

yeah come on man, you can see the sticker residue! if you're gonna be fraudulent do it right

hmmm... didn't get to see the auctions because they're already gone, but Bazariah is a legit guy everyone

I won these i couldn't resist,he's defenatly trustworthy and nice guy to deal with.


Where are you Bazariah!?!?!?.... *crickett, crickett, crickett*


How could you not trust that face?

Heh heh.